*Economy MDF Shutters


The Economy MDF Shutters product is the latest addition to our range and was designed to suit most budgets.

During the last 35 years we have managed to keep the level of service and expertise constantly increasing and established ourselves as a front runner in our industry.

The experience gained throughout the years has taught us to understand the market but more importantly, to understand our customers’ needs.

With that in mind, we have created a product with a more economical alternative without compromising on build quality.

Economy MDF shutters are made of composite wood harvested from well-managed forests and have a dense, durable and smooth finish. It is resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. This range offers similar levels of quality as most other shutter materials but with fewer options.

* Available with 57mm stile only.


£150.00 per square metre.

Measure and fitting, if required, and delivery will be quoted separately.



Classic (64mm) and In Vogue (76mm).


Traditional Style (Centred)


Double Insert L Frame

Shutters will fold back against the inside of the recess if mounted as per image 1 (although they may still protrude further than the recess, depending on recess depth and size of panels). If mounted on the front edge of the recess as per options 2, shutters will fold back against the walls on either side of the window.

Double Insert L Frame

Double Insert L Frame


This material is available in 1 finishes as shown below:
Pure White

Get Inspired!

Economy MDF shutters for living room windows.

Economy MDF shutters for living room windows.

Economy MDF shutters for living room windows.


Customer Reviews

Fantastic service from start to finish. Great technical advice in the showroom re: size of louvres etc very helpful to see actual blinds up.

Customer from London