Optional Extras

Cut Outs for Door Handles

We provide cut outs for door handles to allow you easy access to the handles, without having to open the shutter panels.

Door handle cut out

Additional Fasteners

We can provide additional fastenings for the shutters, whereby a bolt can be inserted into the panels and secured onto the frame using a key as shown on images 1 & 2. This will make the shutters more secure, however please note that they should not be used in place of traditional security measures such as security grills. Alternatively, your shutters can be secured by using a sliding bolt (available in White Teak) as shown on image 3.

Additional Fasteners

Ring Pull

Although our shutters are designed to be robust enough to be gently pulled open, if you require an alternative method to this, we can provide shutters with a ring pull for extra ease of opening.

Ring pull

Telescopic Poles

Shutters on windows that are very tall or tricky to reach are not a problem, as we can provide the perfect tool for the job. The telescopic pole extends up to 1930mm and has a shaped rubber end, perfect for getting between the slats to control them without damaging them.

Telescopic pole close up

For further information, please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.


Customer Reviews

Fantastic service from start to finish. Great technical advice in the showroom re: size of louvres etc very helpful to see actual blinds up.

Customer from London