Room Darkening

This is a very popular option amongst our customers when it comes to minimising the light inside a room. It allows them to have a much larger light control when compared to the other solutions available as it provides a near black out effect helping those who need a dark room to be able sleep during the day or those who are exposed to a lot of daylight hours.

Room Darkening

They are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and home cinemas. The shutters come with built in pleated blinds to create that near black out effect and maximise light reduction. A double layered honeycomb blind is built in to the fixing frame of the shutter, running vertically behind the panels and operates with a cord, just like a venetian/roller blind.

One of the best benefits of room darkening shutters is towards your energy bill. According to a Research undertaken at Glasgow Caledonian University for English Heritage, it could reduce heat loss by up to 40% in some cases.

The main benefits are:

Near black out properties ie: there may be light bleed between the blind and the fixing frame
Additional layer of insulation
Aid in the reduction of sound pollution
Blind integrated into the shutter's fixing frame
Minimal stacking depth when the blind is up making it very discreet and keeping a simple contemporary shutter look
Covered with a one-year limited warranty

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