A day in the life of a Plantation Shutters fitter

We thought it would be interesting for everyone to know what goes on during a day of a Plantation Shutters fitter so when you see one of our vans driving around you can shout "well done" at them.

Step 1: The day before the shutter installation, our fitters load up their vans with the plantation shutter panels and frames they will be installing the next day.

Summer Time!

With Summer officially starting this week, wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up every morning to a sunny day and with a marvellous view such as the one on the photo below?

Full Height Shutters Style

Since we build our houses with winter in mind, during the summer we can feel like we are living in a sauna.

Plantation Shutters in Paris?

One of the most popular and iconic landmarks in Europe is of course the Eiffel Tower. During a recent visit to an interior design-type show in Paris, I sneaked out of the exhibition hall and went on a wander. I had truly forgotten how beautiful the city was and just how many of the buildings date back to the 1700’s and unlike many cities in Europe, they were not subjected to massive bombings during various wars, no matter what anyone says about the French, I think they are a class act.

My windows are too high up!

At Plantation Shutters, very often we are told by our customers that they would like to have more shutters installed but some of their windows are too high up or they are an awkward shape.

At first they think those windows cannot be covered with plantation shutters, until we explain and show some of the jobs we have already done in hard to reach and unusual shaped windows.

Impossible windows

How to fit your plantation shutters

So you’ve measured and ordered your shutters, now it’s time to fit them. I may sound redundant here but my advice is to get a professional to install them for you! Over the years I’ve come across many clients that regret not to have invited a field expert over but as I mentioned on my previous post, it is possible to be done on your own.

Assembling image

How to measure your window

This is the first of two posts I'll be writing to help you to measure your window and fit your window shutters. The measuring part is definitely the most important one so before writing anything about it I must advise you that it is much safer to get an expert to measure your window because if you get it wrong there’ll certainly be a river of tears. However, it is quite possible to do on your own and you may be able to save a few pounds!

A squirrel ate my shutters

You would think it would come as a shock when we received a call regarding some damaged shutters – and that the damage was from a rogue squirrel! But the truth is, we had heard it before!

According to the client, it managed to get in the house while everybody was out and when they got back, it was too late for the tasty shutters as our little rodent friend had literally eaten its way out of the house.

If you see one lurking in your neighbourhood, salivating over your shutters – shut the window!

Velux windows

Plantation Shutters Ltd have an ideal solution for covering your Velux windows. Our shutters are fixed within the frames of the Velux, to allow the window to be opened and tilted as normal. As with all our shutters, the louvres are able to be moved up and down to allow as little or as much light in as you require, plus the panels themselves can also be opened.

Velux Windows image

Visit to our manufacturer

That’s me admiring the logs produced by the managed forest owned by our manufacturer. When approximately more than 95% of shutters that appear in UK households are made in China, it is important that out of the Chinese suppliers you choose one that is forward thinking and moving with the times.

Rob & the log

Did you Know?

How big is a football pitch?

Did you know that not all football pitches are the same size, though the preferred size for many professional teams' stadiums is 105 by 68 meters ( 7140m2).

Stamford Bridge for example is 103 by 67 meters (6901m2) and many believed that due to its pitch size, Chelsea FC has always an advantage in relation to their competitors as they have learned how to pass the ball around making the most of its dimensions.



Customer Reviews

Excellent work, thank you very much. We're thrilled with our new shutters.

Mrs Pittorino, a customer from London via Checkatrade