Team Margot Rowers are back on the water!

After over 20 years doing shutters (and probably going through a mid-life crisis) I'll be rowing once again with Team Margot Rowers. This is certainly one of our biggest challenges yet as a team as we will be entering 2 boats in this years' Celtic Challenge - a 94 mile in 24 hours rowing race from Ireland to Wales.

Out With The Old, In With The New!

It is time for something fresh and vibrant. The New Year has been and gone, Valentines Day roses are starting to wilt, Christmas sales have been and gone. Failed attempts at Dry Jan and mantras of ‘New Year, New me’ have happily been put to the back of our minds until next year.

Here at Plantation Shutters, we are looking forward to Spring. The days are getting longer and for many of us we are experiencing the first time in months where you leave work during daylight.



Customer Reviews

All went according to schedule and plan. Prompt and efficient, no complaints. Willing to fix a previous installation with no trouble. Would recommend!

Amy, a customer from London via Which