10 hot interior trends right now


10 hot interior trends right now

Many homeowners like to balance their personal interior design preferences with current hot topics to stay on trend. We have been keeping our finger on the pulse of interior trends and these are some of the regulars crossing lips and blogs to consider for your own home.

Bold Primary Pallets

Combining two or three basic primary colours against an understated background can create a striking visuals in rooms and really give a carefully selected impact to space and shape. The impact will be particularly noticeable where wooden floors and furniture pieces have been selected. This is a simple way to inject colour into your rooms without having to worry too much about being inventive with pairing or complimentary colour schemes as these basic colours are easy to source and match.

Bright impact and contrast patterns

A relaxed approach to pattern mixing is being explored more regularly in interiors with some stunning results. Taking a Moroccan inspiration, contrasting vibrant shapes and colours can make a particularly interesting finish to rooms and give a really interesting perspective to your interior design. This is also another example of where colours can be mixed and matched in different fabrics or even within the same piece. The Spruce have some great advise on these mixtures of patterns which you can find on their website.    

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is here to stay! This design trend adds character to rooms by moving away from sharp clear lines and falls back towards ‘rough around the edges’ looks on furniture pieces and rooms. This shabby chic look can be achieved through multiple avenues. A couple of favourites include partially exposing wood or brick work on walls and furniture, increasing the usage of vintage throws and cushions and not being afraid of slipping into a busier look for the room as this can really add character to the space.

Statement Vases

Statement vases are a fantastic way to add a touch of something different to your rooms. You can go as bold as you like with these interesting additions finding the best option for your home and décor. Being brave with your statement vase will give a talking point doubling up as a design feature with or without your floral additions. Your statement vase will also boost your flowers to a new level when displayed.


Eco-focused choices

Sustainable purchases are now at the forefront of most consumers minds and choosing home purchases that are kind to the planet with added longevity are being favoured over other options. From accessories to homeware, there are an increasing number of dedicated suppliers of these eco-friendly products to browse and source these eco-focused choices including Wearth London and others. When shopping sustainably, your shutters are a great example of a product choice that will offer you longevity with a 5-year warranty on all major materials guaranteeing a built-to-last addition to your windows.

Play with texture

Textured walls and furniture pieces are coming back into play in this years interior trends with interesting geometrics bringing art-deco inspired looks into focus. Mixing smooth accessories with textured additions is a great way to create an eye-catching contrast in the room, especially when playing with neutral colour pallets. Slats, grooves and curves add a richness to the room and are being increasingly found in cabinets and wardrobes for a concentrated lineage to the room’s appearance.

Smart storage

With increasingly smart options available in home storage doubling up as functional furniture items, homeowners are drawing more focus on not wasting any space in the home and utilising all areas of the home to tidy away any unused items. Whether it is a coffee table that doubles as draws or draws or an entrance bench that has hidden storage, there’s no such thing as too much storage in the home.  

Hidden tech

Our homes are getting smarter as we see an increasing number of smart speakers, screens and the like dotted across rooms to make our transition from devise to devise more streamlined. As we see increasing amounts of these items across our homes, developers are looking to make them more aesthetically pleasing in the home. Whether made to blend into the surrounds or designed to feature as a stand out piece of art, many homes now feature these pieces are increasingly distributed throughout rooms.


Linking with the shabby chic look, ‘cottagecore’ is increasingly spreading into city dwellings, taking inspiration from country properties where simple, close to nature living is favoured and reflected in interior choices. There is a strong focus on warm and cosy options for rooms in cottagecore designs so purchases that look good and are comfortable too are strongly favoured.

Bringing the outdoor-in

Another booming interior preference we are seeing more of is the use of plants throughout the home. This trend has increased significantly during lockdown periods where further time in the house means a boost to the space is well needed. From indoor plants, flowers, herbs or other options, there are plenty of choices for you to add to your home to brighten up the space. These choices will increase oxygen levels in the room which can be great for concentration levels and general feelings of productiveness, a favourable benefit if working from home. The addition of these plant varieties will make you feel as though you have created your own indoor paradise.

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