5 Christmas Colour Interiors To Be Inspired By

Christmas decor by Plantation Shutters Ltd

5 Christmas Colour Interiors To Be Inspired By

December is the month for all things Christmas and what better way to continue the festive cheer with some Christmas décor. With Christmas less than a week away, you can’t fully start celebrating Christmas until your home is all light up and smells of cinnamon and mulled wine. Much to our enjoyment, we have searched the internet for our favourite Christmas décor colours for you to enjoy and get inspiration from also.

White tends to be a very common colour choice for interiors but when it comes to Christmas décor its often more of a contemporary choice. This is due to its crispness over typical festive tones of warmth and jolliness. When done right, having white as the main colour for Christmas with an accent colour such as gold or evergreen can look fabulous. White matches the Nordic-style interiors and perfect for homes that are minimalistic. This gives your home a chic winter wonderland feels that everyone will enjoy.

Another colour that isn’t too common when it comes to Christmas is light blue. This colour shares some similarities to white décor as its more on the cooler end of the spectrum. Soft blue is such a beautiful shade that is aimed at modern tastes paired with blue-greys and white. This gives your home an elegant touch. Add the cool blues to your tree with a frosted finish that plays on the icy, winter feeling. Instead of adding bright silvers, try mercury glass with hints of glitter to avoid the look becoming too bright and shiny.

Green and Gold as a festive colour scheme is often overlooked because they aren’t often associated with Christmas. The key is to use the natural tones from your tree and add gold decorations with varied texture. It makes your room feel effortless and subtly beautiful. Look for items dusted in gold glitter or even champagne toned feathered wreath for your door. Incorporate other tones such as cream, beige and brown tones to enhance the natural feel.

You can’t go wrong with silver. It’s one of those tones that can be as effective solo as it is as a combination with other colours such as navy or green. Even gold and silver look great paired together, but silver shining on its own can be something truly magical. Try not to fall into the trap of decorating with just one tome or texture of silver, mix it up a bit to add depth and dynamic to the space. Use bright glistening baubles with silver sequin decorations and glittered ornaments. Finish it off with antique dinnerware for the ultimate shine.  

Lastly, you can’t forget about the traditional red and green tones of Christmas that we all know so well. You already have the green from the tree so all you need now is to add the red ribbons and decorations to it. Wrap all your gifts to match the theme and add a table centrepiece with green ferns and candy canes. Add in a bit of golden yellow with the lights and your Christmas display will be complete.

When it comes to Christmas, no colours are off-limits. Whatever your home interiors are already like and your personal tastes are, just ensure your Christmas decorations reflect them. Just remember to have fun with it and always have the Christmas music blaring and a mulled wine in hand to get the full experience. Let us know what your favourite colour tones are to have in the comments below and have a very Merry Christmas!

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