5 Home Decor Trends to Embrace this Summer

Sitting Room Designed by Olga Podgornaja and Pop Art Imagery Via Pinterest

5 Home Decor Trends to Embrace this Summer

With the weather constantly looking less and less grey than we were starting to get a bit too used to, it’s time to make those changes around our home to work alongside the better weather. Here are five of our favourite interior design trends that should be making appearances this summer in your home.

The main stylistic change we’ve seen in recent weeks has been less and less use of patterns around the home. The retro seventies overkill with the pattern work is losing its desirability and in its wake comes minimal variation with colours bouncing off of each other. We’ve seen this with less of the complex curtain designs and the overindulgent use of scatter cushions. Keep to one colour family to let the room feel a bit more unformed and calming rather than have heaps of colours battling each other for attention.

With the sun coming out it’s time to let the room reflect that. Put in the odd fun sculpture or painting to let the room glow with a carefree outlook that we should all be feeling this summer. A little bit of pop art goes very far and at the minute, prints are incredibly affordable, all you need is a frame for it and it’ll make the biggest of differences. Another option is to have the odd sculpture dotted around to really push home that carefree personality you want your home to show off this summer.

The weather being what it is, you’ll surely be spending more and more time outside rather than tucked up inside. So with that, why not bring the indoors outdoors. Sounds odd but it’s worth it. If you have seating outside then you’re far more likely to entertain in that space. Take out some cushions, throws or even the coffee table from your living room and set it up outside for the perfect space to relax on a summers day with your friends and family.

Play around with how you organise your space at home. There are numerous options for storage on the market right now from traditional to modern and minimal to quite frankly, complex insanity. And everyone has their taste. With this many options to choose from, there is a style for everyone to organise their storage from the drawers in stairs that we mentioned in a previous blog post to the more basic designs such as floating shelves or shelving designed with a modern art form in mind such as cubism, perfect for books.

Garden Furniture Via Nous Decor and Shelving Via Ideal Home.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the simple prospect of offsetting your colours against each other. But not in such a way to cause migraines, mistakes are often made. With more natural light coming into our homes, there’s plenty of opportunities to lighten up the brighter side of our home’s personality. A good example of this that we’ve been seeing all over social media at the moment is the use of green and/or yellow pieces backing up white walls in the form of cushions, rugs, throws and the odd lamp. It’s simply the easiest way to brighten up your spaces.

And there you have it, our top five suggestions for how you should get your home in the summer spirit. Make it as personal as possible.

Let us know what you thought by dropping a comment or if you think a friend may enjoy these ideas then share this post around with them and get in the summer mood together.

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