5 Hot ideas to Keep You and Your Home Cool All Summer


5 Hot ideas to Keep You and Your Home Cool All Summer

It Is safe to say that we’re not used to this. Overheated offices and sweltering sleepless nights are not what makes a Londoner. Most of us would quite happily transport ourselves to Iceland, find a nice mound of snow just outside Reykjavik and find a way to snuggle down. But alas no, for now, you’re stuck in a London shaped oven. Here are five ways you can keep yourself and your habitat nice and chilled throughout the coming months

  • There’s Something in The Air Tonight.

No sorry, Phil Collins can’t save you this time. As we’ve all noticed, London and the rest of the UK is coldest at night. So, let that cold air in by keeping your windows open at night and let the air move throughout your home. But, be sure to shut them in the morning as this will keep that cold air you collect at night inside rather than being battered out of your home by another onslaught of hot air.

  • Use Those Shutters!

Having window coverings, like interior window shutters, adds a solidified front against the elements. Obviously, we wouldn’t suggest exposing your shutters to the rain but on those scorching days where you follow the advice of step one, keep those shutters closed but the slats open slightly to ensure the air stays with you. Interior window shutters have been proven to shave on average 7 per cent on bills by lowering interior temperatures significantly. Every little bit helps.

  • Number One Fan

Interior fans get a lot of hate during the hotter months for only throwing hot air around the room rather than generating cold air as everyone hope it would. In all seriousness, these digs aren’t inaccurate. That being said, you can make the air cold and keep your fan. Two methods we’ve found to work amazingly well are the slightly damp cloth draped over the fan and a small bowl of ice sat in front of the fan. The fan literally picks up the cold air and throws it your way. You’re welcome.

Trust in your fans

  • New Sheets – New You

It’s a habit we all keep with. They’re changed every week but what about the change in material? Just as fleece blankets are a fantastic choice for insulation during the more arctic months, opting for cotton sheets during the summer heat is a more intelligent choice. The material is able to breathe more easily, keeping that crisp coolness for much longer, making for a great night’s sleep.

  • Doors are overrated.

Keeping with the same reasoning for keeping the windows shut or open at different times of the day or night, don’t even think of closing those doors inside your home too. Keeping the doors closed blocks the air from flowing through your humble abode. Keeping them closed constricts the cooler air to one room and one room alone until it eventually dissipates.  

There you have it, five little ways you can help battle the heat this summer. Try them all and let us know which one works out best for you.

As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today. Have a scan through our many shutters designs available and test out our online calculator to start your journey with us.

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