Adding a Modern Touch to Your Windows

Adding a Modern Touch to Your Windows

On this last post of the lifestyle series, we will be introducing our Modern range which has a simple and minimalistic design ideal for serene interiors with clean lines. The use of modern in reference to interior design describes the impact of modern art on styling interiors.

Modern interiors are practical and simple they focus on function and organisation. Shutters are an integral part of a modern interior as they are the most practical and functional window covering. They are easy to use and clean and can be adjusted easily to allow different amounts of light into the room.

We define this style of shutters as modern because of the large louvres that create a minimalistic and simple look with fewer louvres per panel. This slat size blends in with the uncluttered appearance and clean lines of a modern interior. With larger louvres a lot more light filters into the room and allows a better view through the shutter.

Modern shutters work well on smaller windows as they don’t crowd the window with lots of louvres and they make the window look larger rather than smaller. Larger shutter slats also make a room feel more open, which is another crucial feature of modern design, space and openness.

Which colour option should you use on your shutters to create a modern look? There isn’t a correct answer to this question, it usually depends on whether you want them to blend in or stand out from the interior features in the room. The Pure White colour is the most popular option amongst our customers as it can be used with either light or dark wall colours.

Another finish option would be to use one of our natural wood stains such as Wenge particularly if there are similar shade finishes elsewhere in the room (see photo). A wood stain would also add more texture to the room if that is lacking in the interior.

The Contemporary Style tilt rod would finish off the modern look and give a cleaner line and fit in with the simplistic design of a modern interior as it shows no physical sign of a tilt rod mechanism - it is hidden within the panel stile. The hinges should ideally have a finish that blends into the shutters to avoid attracting too much attention to them.

Which style would you prefer, Classic, In Vogue or Modern? We'd love to hear from you.


Submitted by Rohan on

I just recently came across your wonderful blog and I completely agree that what wonders a modern shutter can make.

Submitted by Peter Cornol on

Your blog was nice. Lovely!…well done! Really shutter gives a wonderful look of our home.

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