Adding Something A Little Different To Your Garden Shed

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Adding Something A Little Different To Your Garden Shed

Unlike many rooms in your home, the garden shed doesn’t have to comply to any one specific function. The opportunities are endless. Let your imagination run wild. If you had to compromise on something you really wanted in the house, why not put it in your garden shed and create an extra room so you can enjoy your garden all year round. Here are a few ideas to get you started.   

If you have a green thumb and love fresh veggies, why not turn your shed into a greenhouse? Having your own greenhouse in your back yard means you can grow all your favourite fruit and veggie. You’ll never have to worry about running out of tomatoes or lettuce, just pop into the garden and get what you need. There is nothing better than fresh food you have grown yourself.

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Maybe gardening is not your thing, why not add your own library and reading space into your shed. Open up one side and enjoy the sun while reading one of your favourite books. When your done reading you can close up the door, pull down a projector screen or move the bookshelves to expose a flat-screen TV, stretch out on the couch and your reading room has now turned into your own personal cinema room.

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Add some decking to your shed for your table and chairs and make an outdoor entertainment room for when your friends come over. Add a couch and a coffee table inside to relax in with a cup of tea and snacks. It can also double as a play area for your children and their friends, keeping them out of your hair while you catch up with yours.

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Everyone has dreamed of having their own home bar, so why not have a bar in your backyard. Instead of spending loads of pounds at a bar, stay at home, play your own music and enjoy your friends’ company while creating your very own cocktails! Party into the night and then walk inside to your own bed. Add a big screen tv for all the sports games. Perfect for the rugby world cup coming up soon.  

Photo Source: The Spruce

Are you tired of working inside and missing out on the sunshine? Take your work outside and turn your shed into an outdoor office. Add in a sky roof or have one wall as glass sliding doors and soak up the sun all year round. There is no need to feel like you’re missing out anymore. You can also have a little kitchenette fitted with all your kitchen needs such as a sink, mini-fridge, microwave and coffee machine. It will feel like an office away from home enabling you to separate your home from your work.

Give your garden a second life by adding something different to it. Gardens don’t just have to be grass and trees, add an extension from your house to escape to for some ‘you time’ or to catch up with family and friends. Garden sheds can be so much more than just a storage shed.

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