The BBSA… it’s one of a kind

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The BBSA… it’s one of a kind

The BBSA Show 2018, is the only show in the UK of its kind. Exhibitors and visitors come from all over the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world to be part of this well-supported show, which only occurs every 3 years! This year for the 100th Anniversary, over 50 exhibitors filled the Ricoh arena in Coventry over the 3 days, welcoming 3500 visitors, of which, Plantation was one.

The compact arena was a hybrid of technical, design, manufacture and modern thinking, it really brought home how much the industry has developed and grown.

From the Plantation team, we sent Alice from Trade, ready to pick up on new ideas, but also expand further information of the industry, to ensure we are knowledge leaders and to stay on top of our ‘a game’. Rob, our founder, also headed up to the show, and it brought a feel of nostalgia for him, reacquainting himself with a few individuals, he once knew 25 years ago. Furthermore, the visit reminded Rob of the benefits and strengths the BBSA provides, to assist in the success of Plantation Shutters, and who we are today.

They found themselves venturing through the bustling stands, a vibrant selection of expertise and experience across the industry. Wandering through the exhibition, Rob bumped into familiar faces, he had once met, or in fact, had business exchange with!

Back in the day, Rob was struggling to find someone/ the best source to make shutters for Plantation. At that point, he was importing from the USA – in hindsight perhaps not the best idea! Luckily enough, through the BBSA, he was introduced to a couple of successful lads within the industry. This partnering duo were a great company and after a few intricate faxes and the final details, they became his carpenters and skill behind his original Plantation Shutters.

For many years, this working partnership continued. Plantation became 85% of the duo’s jobs, together they were developing a wonderful product, and better still, a great and trusting friendship… Rob ordered it, they made it, and he would fit, a positive process! A silent handshake between two parties. Needless to say, Rob leaves the ordering and fitting to a team of skilled workers these days!

So, looking back this exciting partnership, we were pretty much the founders of shutters in the UK. In fact, Plantation were the first UK shutter company!

Now look at the depth of the industry, look what we started…

Our trip to The BBSA Show drummed home the success and expanse of the industry and shutters particularly. The variety of stands featuring shutters, the diversity of products, frame designs and technical parts. It really is wonderful to see first-hand, the development of our industry and trade. From this visit, we can proudly suggest and standby the claim, that we do stand above the rest in terms of quality and skill. Plantation has led the way for our competitors. We must confess, (dare we say it) it’s quite a compliment seeing our competitors picking up the skilled handiwork and design Rob has developed and built.

Thank you BBSA…for the introduction many years ago and thank you to those two very trusting individuals, who believed in Plantation Shutters and enabled us to be here today.

You can find plenty more tips and tricks, news and updates of the trade throughout our blog so feel free to explore and as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today. Have a scan through our many shutters designs available and test out our online calculator to start your journey with us.

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Nicola, a customer in Esher via Google

Great customer service from start to finish.

Ian, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters. Surveyor very knowledgeable and fitters did a great job. All round customer service excellent.

Amy, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters & fitted to perfection. Slight delay because of COVID-19, but communication and service was great throughout.