Bringing The In Vogue Style To Your Home

Bringing The In Vogue Style To Your Home

Originally from the French, the phrase "In Vogue" describes anything on-trend and contemporary. This is exactly what our In Vogue range is so if you looking for an interior that is right on trend with the latest fixtures then this is the shutter style for you.

The in vogue range has a wider slat size than the classic but is smaller then the modern. This slightly wider slat size allows more light into the room with privacy continuing to be provided by the shutter. This style fuses the features of traditional and modern style and is fluid so it could work in any interior.

The larger slats of the in vogue shutter reflect a trend of wider shutter slats currently in the market. Another way to make your shutters more on-trend is perhaps choosing the Contemporary Style tilt rod over the Traditional one as it will give the shutters a cleaner and simpler overall look.

When it comes to deciding which finish going for we can surely advise you on our range options but ultimately, the decision is yours. Depending on your material selection, you can choose between 28 colour options and 20 natural wood stains. Our wood stains are on trend and are likely to add more texture to the room when compared to the painted finish. On the other hand, by using a white or neutral colour you can achieve a more minimalistic and modern look.

The In Vogue range works with all our shutter materials, from our most cost-effective Craftowood MDF to our premium wood White Teak. The options vary slightly from material to material but it is more than likely that we have the one just perfect for your home.

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Fantastic service, fitting carried out quickly and to high standard.
Mr Hazal - Customer from South West London