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Celebrating Dads at Plantation Shutters Ltd

As a small independent company, family means a lot to everyone here at Plantation Shutters’.

We’d like to honour a day to celebrate the father figures in our lives whatever shape they might take, traditional or not, by delving into the history of this day for dads ahead of Fathers’ Day on Sunday 21st June.

Fathers’ day originated in the US in the early 19th century, however its recognition as a widely celebrated national holiday came some 50 years later than its Mothering Sunday counterpart. In it’s Christian origins, Mothering Sunday was celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday in honour of The Virgin Mary and dates back many centuries. By 1914, the transition to a widespread celebration of all mothers on this same Sunday annually had become a national holiday.

It was at a Mothering Sunday Sermon that Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, dubbed ‘the mother of fathers’ day’, recognised the need for a similar recognition for her own widowed father who had taken responsibility for raising Dodd and her 5 brothers. Dodd felt that and fathers everywhere should be recognised for their devotion to their families like mothers had been, so she began a campaign for such appreciation.

The solo campaign for this celebration hit multiple snags along the way, and only two signatures were obtained for the initial petition for a holiday in honour of fathers.

Despite a clear lack of interest, Sonora convinced church communities in her area to participate in some festivities, on the condition that the celebration day be moved later in June than Dodd’s intended date to coincide with her father’s birthday for preparations. The resulting celebration lit a fire under Dodd, and she proceeded to spend a huge majority of her life travelling around the US spreading the word of Fathers’ Day and campaigning for it to be recognised nationwide.

Eventually in 1972, Fathers’ Day was legislated as a national holiday, celebrated as “a day [for persons] to offer public and private expressions of such day to the abiding love and gratitude which they bear for their fathers” and today, although globally the date differs, Fathers’ Day is celebrated in countries all over the world.

The first Fathers' Day celebration was enjoyed with Sermon’s and families sporting roses to represent and honour their fathers, red for those living and white for those which had passed away. As the traditional role of fatherhood shifted to suit more of a ‘hands on’ approach by father figures, so has the celebration of this day for dads. Families today will have their own traditions and preferred methods of celebrating, varying from a cup of tea or breakfast in bed to extravagant gifts.

We know that dads don’t come in a conventional package and be it your birth father, adopted father, step-father, father in law, a father figure in your life or someone close to you who is doing an amazing job in one of these roles, this Sunday 21st June is a chance to celebrate having them in your life.

However and whoever you will be celebrating this Father’s Day, whether you are fortunate to be with your loved ones or sending your love virtually, Plantation Shutters wish you a happy, and safe, day of honouring all the special men in your life.


***Calling all handyman Dads! Did you know that you can order basic window shutters on a supply only basis? We recommend leaving the trickier jobs to our experts, but if it is a simple window you can order your DIY shutters on our dedicated website or call 0208871922 for a little more help from the team.***

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