Colourful Inspirations for the Bold

So often when it comes to decorating our homes, we look for solutions to the boundaries of our home and not in the opportunity to reflect our own personalities. Some look for inspiration in the mundane and not the extraordinary. We’re here today with some of our boldest and bravest interior designers of today. A little source of inspiration for all.

Adorable Homes and Sarah Phipps Designs Pinterest

Photo Sources: Adorable Homes Pinterest and Sarah Phipps Designs Pinterest.

‘What’s everyone else doing?’ seems to ring out through the atmosphere. To those who take a different route, we say ‘Bravo!’ Fortune favours the bold after all.

The world of Instagram and Pinterest has never been so diverse in inspiration for home decoration or even architecture. Whether you’re a budding interior designer, the professional everyone seeks for all the right answers, a residential developer or the avid DIYer, there are places to go and people to see all over.

As we’ve mentioned before in this blog, there are all sorts of places to search for the wackiest of colours and the most mesmerising of designs in the world of social media. And Plantation Shutters have a colour matching tool to help you find that vibrant shade that would be perfect for your window fixtures.

 Cave Interiors and Little Big Bell Pinterest

Photo Sources: Cave Interiors and Little Big Bell Pinterest.

LITTLE BIG BELL – Starting off our list is the wonderful Little Big Bell who always has a spot in our hearts and the hearts of her many many followers. She guides the colour blind with her tips for colour matches and shows us colourful spots all around the world.

CAVE INTERIORS – If you’re looking for more of a subtle approach but still that burst of colour to help you decide on how best to leave an impression on your guests, then the Instagram and Pinterest pages of Cave Interiors are the places to go hunting. A particular love of ours is the work they did on the three bedroom apartment off Belsize Park, showing it’s possible to put a little bit of California in North London.

RYAN KORBAN – Now for a man whose social media pages perfectly balance the need for classic boldness as well as outstanding examples of modern design. The pages of Ryan Korban show some the most beautifully original designs from reality or not, you can make your own call on that. Unafraid to show his influences, he will, in turn, influence you.

DANIEL BUREN – Spanning on from the last entrée on our list (Ryan Korban) is one of his influences, a Mr Daniel Buren. Daniel Buren isn’t, in fact, an interior designer but an artist, whose work with colour and light, in unison has influenced artists of all disciplines spanning fifty years. Unfortunately he does not have his own Instagram of Pinterest pages, not surprising at the age of 79. He does however have a huge span of followers in the form of boards on Pinterest and hashtags on Instagram as a showing of how he continues to influence others still.

Bright Bazaar Instagram and Mark D. Sikes Pinterest

Photo Sources: Bright Bazaar Instagram and Mark D. Sike Pinterest.

BRIGHT BAZAAR – Next up is the creative consultant mega star, Mr Will Taylor, otherwise known as the Bright Bazaar. Mr ‘Forbes Top Influencers of 2017’ Taylor really does have a lot to shout about with his army of followers, two books and big companies all clambering to work with him. Definitely worth a look.

MARK D. SIKES – This time, we’re throwing in an interior designer who actually keeps things minimal but isn’t afraid to heave colour into his work. Mark D. Sikes is the esteemed interior designer whose work celebrates a mixture of the indoor and outdoor lifestyle with loud colours that makes each and every piece of his work shine with Reginald luxury. Big fan of blue (not the boy band, obviously).

KELLY WEARSTLER – Next on our list is the 22 year old giant company of all things interior design, Kelly Wearstler. Her wonderfully diverse Instagram is full of all forms of inspiration. They come in artwork, plants, the odd dog and some stunning pieces of photography. Her pages really show where she has picked up her influences from and the way the business has transformed since its birth in 1995, it means that the influences were well founded. Another Daniel Buren fan.

SARAH PHIPPS DESIGN – When it comes to loud colours, of course, as we are, they should be celebrated as boldly as they can be. However, most interior designers, or anyone of sound mind, would say mint green doesn’t belong anywhere, but a bathroom. Maybe. However when Sarah Phipps Designs breathed new life into a dilapidated Mill House, using the mint green as a force for good, giving the kitchen and living space a fresh look.

ADORABLE HOME – Colourful interiors have always been inflated in their wonderful appearance by natural light and this is a factor that has certainly not been left behind by the interior designers at Adorable Home. Their designs have always been delightfully ostentatious and you can see that their uses of greens, blues, pinks and yellows have been orchestrated to react to natural light. Their Instagrams show that they achieve this in every sort of room in a house. Giving you a great sense of the smallest of additions you can make to a room to make all the difference.

So there you go, some of our favourite Instagram accounts that are sure to give you that necessary boost of inspiration when you feel that you’re missing just that little bit (or no way near enough) of colour in your life.

Take a further look around our website, you’ll find our colour options may surprise you too.

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