Create A Cosy Vibe This November

Cosy Vibe by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Create A Cosy Vibe This November

The weather has definitely dropped and gotten colder over the past few weeks. Winter is well on its way so there’s no better time than now to start making some changes to your home making it a cosy haven to hide away in from the cold. Bring in the warm fires, heaters, cosy blankets and hot chocolates. 

Lighting is so important when it comes to a home. There are three different ways to light your home depending on what feeling you are wanting to achieve. There is ambient lighting which makes your home feel as close to daylight as possible. It is perfect for when you are hosting guests or having a games night as it gives the room a bright feel that the whole family can enjoy. Then there is Task lighting, which is ideal for when you are reading, preparing food or other close-up work. This lighting can be directed exactly where you want it so you can see what you are doing. Finally, there is accent lighting which is great for highlighting standout features in your home such as recesses or interesting art. Wall lights with a soft, diffused glow can also help to achieve this look making the room have that cosy warm atmosphere.

Different colours can affect the mood and energy of a room so choose colours that will enhance the mood you are wanting to depict. Colours that will optimise the cosiness and depth to a room are ones that are richer in colour and have a sense of depth to it. For example, Farrow & Balls Hague Blue which we can colour match to our shutters to create the ultimate sense of cosy. Colours such as this creates a cocoon-like effect that is perfect for these cold months.

Plush accessories such as cushions, throws and blankets are the ultimate way to pump up the cosy feel in any home. More is more when it comes to cushions. Pile them high on your sofa so you can sink into them at the end of the day. You can even invest in floor cushions or a big bean bag for extra comfort. Experiment with different fabric and texture to add something a little different to your home. Lastly, add thick plush throws and blankets to the ends of your beds or draped over the couch for that extra comfort and warmth at night. Use fabrics such as cashmere, wool, mohair and velvet.

There’s nothing more comforting than the glow of a candle giving off a delightful scent to warm the room. Find candles of your favourite comforting scent such as cinnamon, pomegranate or even some woody aromas to resembles a crisp alpine forest that can transform you to a sunnier, warmer climate. Spread the candles out around the room to add a bit of excitement to the space. Just remember to blow them all out before you go to bed.

Seeing as we may not spend as much time outside as we do during the summer months, it is also helpful to our wellbeing to bring some of that nature indoors with indoor plants. Create your own mini indoor garden by adding flowers and plants that will freshen up your space and welcome a jolt of colour and greenery.

Lastly, an item you can add to your home for the ultimate warmth and cosiness is with our plantation shutters. With shutters, you get that extra layer over the windows trapping the cold between the window and the frame adding some extra warmth. Other than being super practical, they are also incredibly stylish and match any homes interiors seamlessly. If we can’t convince you in a few sentences, have a look for yourself in our image gallery and then join our customers by giving us a call on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today to get your windows measured up before it gets too cold.

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