Create an Inviting Home Ready to Entertain

Summer Entertaining by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Create an Inviting Home Ready to Entertain

Summer is the perfect time to have people over to entertain and show off your home. Entertaining can sometimes be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tips and tricks, your home can be ready to entertain any time of the day, week or month.

Start with your entrance as it is the first area people see as they enter your home. Make it one to remember, after all, it is the first impression into the home. Keep this space clear of any clutter and things that don’t belong. If you have a hall cupboard, store your shoes in there or have a shoe rack at the door in a neat row. This way your guests won’t be tripping over your shoes as they arrive. Consider an entrance table with a vase of fresh flowers on it or a large piece of artwork on the wall.  

Flowers or scented candles add a sense of calm within the home. They also add some colour to a plain room or space as well as make the room smell wonderful. Choose flowers that express the season such as Blue Lilys, Daisy's or Tulips. This subtle touch to your decor goes a long way in making your home more inviting for your guests.  

Make sure you let the light in and keep your home bright. Having a dark home makes the space feel cold and dim and that’s not the feel you want when people enter your home. Light reflects off white and provides a brighter look beyond the surface. Although we are seeing more colours coming in this season, white does still dominate on the larger surfaces. Keep it simple and add colour to the white with accessories, a feature wall or furniture.

If your guests are over for a meal and it is still cooking when they arrive, keep extra light snacks on hand. Present them with a mind-blowing cheese board with all the trimmings. Select two or three delicious cheeses with two selections of crackers. Add some grapes, olives, hummus, chutney, meats, nuts and dried fruit. Your guests won’t go hungry when presented with that, especially if the meal won’t be for a while.

When it comes to serving, ditch the paper and plastic for pleasant matching dinnerware. Your guests will feel that little bit more special. If you are a bit nervous getting out the good glassware you could also invest in some shatterproof goblets with a matching jug for the summer Pimm’s and you won’t have to worry about any breakages. Also, remember to provide some outdoor shade with a large umbrella or shade sail so you and your guests can enjoy the afternoon sun without getting too hot or burnt.

Lastly, remember to keep it simple and clear out the clutter. No one likes to sit while surrounded by someone else’s mess. Having a clean and tidy home makes people feel more relaxed and welcome in your home. Now you ready to enjoy your summer months ahead with your friends and family.

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