Create a Luxurious Bedroom

Luxurious Bedroom by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Create a Luxurious Bedroom

Having a luxurious yet comfortable bedroom can really aid in having a relaxing night sleep. It’s important to have a space that you are not only proud of but look forward to at the end of each day. We have put together a list of 8 top tips to creating that luxurious space you deserve.

Choose an outstanding headboard

Choose a headboard to match the style of your room. If your room is more modern, consider choosing one that is a definite shape with clean lines that will match the minimalistic feel of your room. Recognize the style of your room before choosing any headboard out of compulsion.

Add plenty of cushions

Have three to four rows of pillows and cushions for that plush luxurious look that makes you want to just sink into the bed. To achieve this start with your two standard sleeping pillows and then two large square pillows and finally two smaller cushions and a rectangle cushion to finish it off. To avoid it looking overstuffed stick to the pillows only taking up a quarter of the bed length.  Choose a fabric that will enhance the luxurious look and match your bedding.

Add a plush throw blanket to the end of your bed

To complete the look of your bed and a soft throw blanket to the end of the bed. Invest in a material that looks and feels expensive to jazz up even the simplest bed. They are a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to your bed. Changing your throw blanket can also change up the style of your bed and have something new and fresh every other week or month if you so desire.

Have a place to sit other than the bed

If you have unused space in your room, a great way to fill that spot is with a chair or a bench. Having somewhere other than your bed to sit and relax is a great luxury. You often see this in boutique hotels and offers an opportunity to bring the more notable design element into your room.

Turn the wall behind your bed into a feature wall

Tie the whole room together with a feature wall behind your bed. Either paint it one solid rich, vibrant colour or cover it with a chic wallpaper. The eye should be drawn to one focal point in the room making it easier for the eye to relax. A feature wall should be a highlight and leave the room to breathe.

Get your lighting right

It is important to have the correct lighting in your room to enhance the relaxing feel of the room. Have matching bedside lamps either side of the bed and a luxurious ceiling fixture. Choose something with a shiny finish or perhaps golds, glass or crystals. In terms of the lightbulbs themselves, go for warm light to create an inviting ambience. Add a stand-up lamp next to your chair when you are relaxing and reading your favourite novel.

Add a luxurious scented candle

For the last finishing touches to creating a luxurious escape at the end of the day is a scented candle. It not only makes the place smell wonderful; it also creates a warm glow and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Light the candle as you are starting to wind down in the evening and really let yourself relax. But remember to blow it out before you fall asleep.

Add some fresh flowers or plants

Another way to add to the relaxation of the room is to have some fresh flowers. Having fresh flowers can help improve your emotional health, aid in memory and concentration and help to make you feel better. Some specific plants that help are a Peace Lily, Pink Jasmine, Gardenia, Lavender and also a Snake Plant which provides fresh oxygen and will also help in making your room feel more comfortable and support a good night’s sleep.  

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