When ordering your shutters from Plantation Shutters, you will speak to multiple representatives who specialise in each of the stages of your shutter journey. With an all-in-house team working together to make each step as streamlined as possible and to get your wonderful shutters to you with ease, our wonderful representatives work tirelessly to ensure that that the whole company runs as a well-oiled machine. Here’s what a day in the life of each of the various departments of Plantation Shutters looks like.


Our surveyors cover the breadth of London and the surrounding areas to meet with our wonderful clients and make their shutters dreams become a reality. You may have seen our minis dashing around your area and within them your will find members of our expert measuring team armed with their sample bags and tape measures ready to take on any window.

Days are filled with pre-booked appointments by our office team, so our surveyors spend the majority of their time visiting our client’s homes. With every client preference and window slightly different, it is always interesting to see what each day will bring.

There are two purposes for our comprehensive measure appointments – to collect accurate measurements of windows and to complete a comprehensive design consultation using samples and images. This helps to pinpoint exactly what the homeowner is looking for in their finished product. With so many options to choose from, some require a longer and more detailed discussion whereas others may have a clear vision of what they want so the appointment is really a case of crossing i’s and dotting t’s to make sure that everyone is on the same page. After a chat over a cup of tea, and perhaps a quick tummy rub for any furry friend residents, it’s onto the next appointment.

We always aim to leave a quote with our clients to review at the appointment but if unusual details prevent this, or we have been given access by contractors to take the measurements only, the information is taken to the office to be sent across.

Our surveyors call back into the office most days to hand over all information from recent appointments, send over any orders to our supplier, and answer any technical queries that may need their expert brains.


With vans loaded for the day, our fitting team head out bright and early to try and combat the morning traffic and start their installations for the day.

On arrival to their first property, and after hunting around for some suitable parking depending on the area of London, it’s time to unload. Shutters, check! Tools, check! Dust sheets, hoover, and other quality control items, check!

Before the installation begins, our team assess the overall window area to ensure that there is nothing obstructing the workspace and all required preparations by the client have taken place. Once the area is ready this is where the fun begins… dust sheets down, lets get cracking!

Every fitting job is unique because each set of shutters is different so the timeframe, complexity and amount of fitters varies for each job. Once the shutters are built and installed, the functionality is checked to ensure all is as it should be and the area is tidied, cleaned and hoovered so you would never know that works have taken place in the room… apart from the fabulous new shutters that is!

If the client is home, they are given a quick demonstration on how to use and care for their shutters along with a complimentary ostrich feather duster.

Once all the jobs for the day have been completed, it’s back to our Battersea warehouse to recycle the cardboard and plastic packaging of the well wrapped shutters and to check in with the office team, collect paperwork, and load up for the next day.


Office Team

Many departments make up our office team here at Plantation Shutters, and each team member has a varied role that contributes to the ticking along of the business. An open plan office makes for a vibrant and lively space to be and allows every team member to have a finger on the pulse of what is going on in each area of the company.

Some of our departments are responsible for the background day-to-day running of the business, including our accounts and marketing teams. Others have the pleasure of assisting our clients via phone, email and online systems.  

When you reach out to Plantation Shutters by any of these avenues you will speak to one of our fabulous sales representatives. This pivotal team are responsible for answering shutter enquiries, offering indications of cost based on based window measurements, laying the groundwork for measure appointments, helping our clients place their orders and sending out any relevant information. You may also meet with one of these brilliant team members in our Battersea showroom if you decide to call in and pay us a visit.  

When your shutters have arrived to the UK our logistics department will be your point of contact to handle everything for the installation of your shutters and post-installation enquiries. Logistics are responsible for the moving jigsaw that is our fitters’ diaries and balancing client’s availability with the best (you guessed it) logistics, to ensure each day runs like a dream.

All of our departments are overseen by our dedicated and versatile management team whose years of experience in shutters make them the gurus of the office when our team need some help, as well as overseeing all of the various operations required to keep Plantation Shutters ticking along smoothly.  

We’re exceptionally proud of our team here Plantation Shutters and the streamlined service we are able to offer to our clients and their shutters. If you would like to get the experience of working with an all-in-house team dedicated to providing you with fabulous new shutters for your home, then be sure to get in touch with our office on 020 8871 9222 and take the first steps of your shutter journey.