Dulux Colour Of The Year 2020

Dulux Colour 2020 by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Dulux Colour Of The Year 2020

The new colour of the year for 2020 has been revealed and it’s bringing us hope and optimism for brighter and more natural interiors. With previous years showing us darker tones, we are now moving towards a lighter shade giving us a more refreshing look for the year ahead.

So, what is this new Dulux Colour? It is appropriately named Tranquil Dawn due to its soft, calming tones that bring serenity and wellbeing to its surroundings. Inspired by the dawn horizon, Tranquil Dawn is a delicate shade that contains hints of green, grey and blue. This gives it a varied effect depending on what other colours it is paired with making it very versatile. It seems to subtly shift its tones depending on the different shades it is paired with. Green is becoming more popular in decorating and this shade provides the perfect balance to warmer shades.

Photo Source: Dulux

Tranquil Green works in almost every setting and alongside many different colours from calm neutral tones to bold vibrant colours and warmer shades. When used as a sandy tone, it creates a relaxed and nurturing space. Some elements to boost this feel in your home would be comforting fabrics, cushions and throws, warm woods and indoor plants which is also a big up incoming trend for interiors this year. Paring darker more rich tones like burgundy and forest green with Tranquil Dawn defuses the colours creating a warm calming environment, perfect for the cooler cosier months ahead. These are the perfect colours for creative thinking especially when paired with velvets, floral prints and vintage furniture.

If you are wanting to incorporate this colour into your home giving it a fresh and up to date look for the new year, we suggest pairing this colour with things that truly matter such as our environment. Try filling your home with mood-boosting nature for that natural environment. By doing this you will contribute to a calm atmosphere as well as helping to declutter your mind from the stresses of everyday life.

Photo Source: Dulux

The way the Colour Of The Year is chosen each year is with a team of independent designers, architects and colour creatives coming together to share what they have observed in the design, cultural influences and trends. This way they can gauge the mood of the moment and what they suspect we want in our homes for the new year. The team of experts have noticed our push against the busy digital world and our draw towards the desire to create more meaningful connections with the people we love and the nature that surrounds us. As a response to this, the Dulux Team set to draw nature into our homes that encourage us to have a calm relaxed home allowing us to enjoy entertaining our friends and families as well as getting a restful night sleep giving us the energy to conquer the day ahead.

Why not try something a bit different this year and incorporate some Tranquil Dawn into your home. for a more relaxed and peaceful home. And of course, if you are wanting to add some colour to your windows, our shutters are a great solution. For some added inspiration have a browse through our shutter styles and lifestyle gallery. Our Sale has now been extended until the 28th of February so keep an eye out for our amazing reductions across our product range and get in touch today, contact one of our friendly team, email or call us 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.

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