Elf on the shutters

Elf on the shutters

Elf on the shelf has been a popular family Christmas activity in recent years as a fun and clever way to lead up to Christmas. The premise is relatively simple – Santa has sent one of his elves to keep an eye on the children in the home and feed back whether they should be placed on the naughty list or the nice list. The elf is naughty and gets up to mischief at night when the house is sleeping. The children wake up in the morning to discover what naughtiness has ensued.

With just a week to go until Christmas eve, those who have decided to introduce the elf on the shelf game to their home may be running out of ideas for what night-time antics your cheeky elf has been up to. Well, we have you covered… why not get your shutters involved in the mischief!

Here’s some ideas to try with your elf on the shutters…

Utilise slats and panels for a big reveal

It you have run out of hiding spots for discovery of the elf each morning then why not utilise your windowsill space? Leave the evidence to be found the next morning behind your shutter panels and slats slightly open so there’s a little peak of whatever is going on behind. Perhaps have the elf holding up a sign of have written directly onto the window (in something removable of course) a message to passers by or a house opposite. If you want to keep the elf’s activities in one set location for consistency then the windowsill is a great spot for this as you could have your little ones ‘tuck the elf in’ by closing the shutters on their way to bed and open up in the morning.


Incorporate the shutters in a great escape

Placing the elf tactfully on the shutters can make it look as though a great escape is being attempted. You could have the elf climbing up shutter slats, trying to climb through the slats gap and have gotten stuck or swinging open panels.

If you undertake your own elf on the shutters then be sure to tag us on Instagram or send over your pictures - we would love to see how your shutters are being used in the festive fun! 

When putting your elf on your shutters or utilising the shutters as part of the activities then take extra care to ensure that no damage occurs to the shutters in the process. If you have not yet taken the shutter plunge and treated your windows to this fabulously luxurious product then get in touch with our fabulous team to book in for a full survey. You can boycott the January blues knowing that your new year new shutters are on their way to you!


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