Family centering your kitchen


Family centering your kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen earns itself as the social hub and a multi-functional area in day to day family life. There are small changes that you can make to the space to enhance the time spent in there for the whole family.

Make everyday objects fun 

You will have already have ‘child-proofed’ your kitchen by keeping sharp objects and anything accident prone out of reach. Take this to the next level by adding a fun transformation to ordinary objects and make the kitchen space more exciting. An example might be to add googly eyes or fun faces to spoons or spatula's to inject some fun into cooking time letting little one’s imagination run wild and giving them their own exciting version of this item. If you have children of various ages, you may be balancing between keeping the kitchen space a fun and entertaining area as well as teaching the older children cooking skills. A great idea is to have a cooking schedule and use stickers to colour code particular draws which will indicate which utensils or equipment is allowed so the younger ones can help out safely.

Choose durable, easy clean surfaces

The kitchen should be a place of fun and mess without concern about a difficult clean up job because of the surfaces used. This is worth considering when deciding which direction you want to go with your kitchen design and the best materials to use. Having easy-wipe and durable surfaces will allow you to enjoy family cooking time and create as much mess as you like knowing that the clean up mission will be an easy one. If cleaning surfaces is easy enough, make it into a game and get the kids involved so you are not stuck with all of the heavy lifting (or wiping) on your own.


Add seating so you can have family time in the kitchen

If you have an island or suitable worktops, utilise the opportunity to add chairs so the family can sit round and enjoy the space together doing various activities. You could mix a variety of options including tall stools, chairs around dining tables and small/ fun kiddie chairs dotted around so that whilst you are in the kitchen multiple activities can be happening at the same time, cooking, homework, games, etc. 

Have multi-functional work areas/ blackboard surface  

Transforming surfaces to an interactive space can make the area fun or productive for the whole family. A blackboard or white board is a great option for this as you can choose between installing a board into the space or painting a wall using blackboard finish paint that you can draw over for either organisation or charts or a drawing space for the younger ones. You might even be able to avoid unwanted doodles on other walls throughout the home by naughtier residents.


Set up a mini kitchen for your helper

To make the kitchen space more interactive, you could set up a mini play kitchen so that the little one(s) can enjoy cooking with you too without having to worry about them being around hot surfaces or sharp objects whilst you are cooking away.

Have a stool on hand

Having either a fold-up stool or well stored stool on hand is a convenient way to ensure that the shorter kiddies can step up and help around the kitchen whenever you like rather than dragging in chairs or alternatives to be stood on so your little helper can assist with cooking, baking, or any other fun activities.

Create a set up for a workspace

If you have stools for worktops then you can double your kitchen area up as a workspace for the busier members of the household. This can become a homework stroke work area so people can still be involved in family time whilst working away. 


Opt for a sturdy Window Dressing

Just as with some of your other decor choices, choosing a study room appropriate window dressing is great for a smily orientated space. Shutters are the perfect solution for kitchen windows thanks to the range of benefits they offer including enhanced light, privacy and temperature control for your kitchen. This custom made window dressing is a robust and hard-wearing choice ideal for busy areas. If you are worried about high levels of moisture in the room then you could opt for our waterproof material which is fully water resistent so can cope with any splashes or condensation that might come with daily family life. 


If you are looking to add shutters to your family kitchen, we experts here to help you. Give the team a call on 020 8871 9222 or use our Contact Us form to get in touch with the team. 

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Google Reviews - Plantation Shutters Ltd
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