Five Interior Design Ideas to Take on this Christmas.

A Christmas Living Room
Five Interior Design Ideas to Take on this Christmas.

The time of year for the mad rushes and the many parties has come around yet again and with that, a need to get our homes in ship shape for those dinner parties, family visits and well, ourselves. So we put together five of our favourite trends and ideas to bring your home to life this Christmas.

Once you’ve managed to fight off the mass crowds out hunting, like yourselves for that perfect Christmas tree and you’ve managed to hoist it into your home and found the perfect spot, it’s time to decorate it. Our advice is to whack on the Christmas playlist and get to work on it as soon as possible. While Christmas colours tend to stay in the same circles of reds, whites and silvers, we have noticed some new directions being taken. Now, of course, no one can deny a family tradition on what is put up on the tree but many of us try to shake things up a little. Taking a peek through the various designs posted by those at the forefront of interior design, we’ve started to see a mass addition of gold into the mix. Whether that’s a subtle addition with the oddball or an invasion of ornaments. The favourite we’ve seen is a tree that’s been entirely spray-painted with a golden glitter which looks stunning. But if you’re looking for a quieter approach then we suggest using strings of beads to decorate your tree, wrapping around much like you would do withy Christmas lights. Gold, silver and red work great together.

After the tree has been sorted out there’s still the rest of the house to play around with and since the temperature has dropped considerably recently, it seems everyone is looking for that décor that adds nothing but warmth and comfort to their home. Something as simple as tweaking a room’s colour scheme can do wonders for this. Like we’ve recently mentioned, a staple colour for Christmas time is red so why not infuse that with a darker base colour to let you seep into a room. A good example of this is adding a warm, maroon rug to a dark sofa and set up a series of candles or, if you lucky enough to have one, a log fire, to let the light bounce around the room. You may as well put ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on and let Christmas mull over as you won’t want to move away from this spot for quite some time.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

With changes in the weather comes a change to your garden whether that’s a frost, snow or otherwise and with that comes a chance to change up the décor out in the garden as well. Something that is fast becoming more and more popular, throughout the year and not just at Christmas are assortments of lighting, such as oriental lantern hangings or a simple set of Christmas tree lights. A great idea we saw recently is a stand-alone garden lantern with Christmas tree balls inside and, with the balls, a small tangle of fairy lights. We thought it looked spectacular and with obvious benefits for having outside, it would make a stunning addition to the inside of any house as well.

The outside of our homes is very important to us as it’s the first impression visitors will have when they drop by. At Christmas, there are huge varieties of decorations that we can put up, from mass lighting displays to a traditional wreath. A stunning new way to greet guests is a set of decorated twigs to flank your front door. They stand proudly as a shimmering welcoming committee. What’s amazing about these is their availability in most shops and at a reasonable price. To go even cheaper, and arguably more rewarding, would be to make them yourself at the cost of glitter (optional), paint, glue and some twigs that you can scoop up next to anywhere in London. And if you don’t want them in front of your house then you can have them anywhere in the house, as a bunch or otherwise, that’ll let your home shine.

Christmas Lantern and Dining Table

And last, but certainly not least, is the dining table. As we mentioned at the start, Christmas is a time for going to parties, hosting parties and eating with the family. So make sure that your dining table is looking ready to show off. Most of the year, the layout for a dinner table is scripted with the typical wares; napkins, placemats, plates, cutlery, glasses and the rest, but Christmas is a time to go crazy with the bonus decorations. A very simple addition to make to your proud setup is wrapping paper. But not to cover the entire table, just the one thin stretch of it to work its way down the centre of the table, leaving the places where people eat bare or place it on top of a table cloth. Great colours to use this Christmas would be green, red, silver and gold. With this you can make as many additions as you like, something that’s also very popular is using acorns, as they are or decorated like the twigs we mentioned before. The whole masterpiece is put together as you want it.

And there you have it, our favourite decoration ideas for you to steal and make your Christmas home all the more magical this year. What do you think of our choices? Did we miss any? Let us know what your decorations will be like this year in the comments section below and as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.


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