Five of our Favourite Ideas to Level Up your Entertaining Spaces

Five of our Favourite Ideas to Level Up your Entertaining Spaces By Plantation Shutters

Five of our Favourite Ideas to Level Up your Entertaining Spaces

We’ve worked in some of the most incredible homes, restaurants, bars and office spaces throughout London over the years. The interior designers and architects that have flooded through, leaving excellence in their wake have never failed to surprise us in their innovative work. For this blog post, we’re going to look at five design features that we’ve seen in their work and the work of others, that makes these spaces perfect for entertaining guests. Because if you have it, flaunt it.

Lighting in the Dining room.

Candles are a little 19th Century, aren’t they? Having visited design shows that never shy away from highlighting the latest design fashions, we’ve seen a real transformation in the way we light up our lives. The different look from the traditional chandelier is made up of a mixture of modern sleekness and industrial styling that’s in very high demand currently. Looking at the various designs out there, some of which we’ve highlighted in previous posts shows off the idea that there are immeasurable forms that they can be created into and places around the house where they can be installed. But we feel that the most stunning spot that they’ve taken up in recent projects by our friends that we’ve checked out is the dining room. The entertaining hub of any home, they look stunning here. And as they can be horizontal, vertical, cylindrical, spherical, stand-alone, stacked or clustered in their design, they’re certainly something to suit every taste as they provide the perfect backdrop for a wonderful evening.


Comfort over space.

Something that worries many when constructing the perfect space to party in the Living room is striking that balance between space and furniture. Guests wander about as they always do at parties but of course, there are different kinds of parties. When a party is less of celebration and more of a gathering and especially if the night is a mixture of both, everyone wants their guests to be as comfy as possible so be happy that you have the necessary furniture to allow for it. Look at this photo below from the guys at CATO Creative who struck the perfect balance with this unassuming living room with that expanse of a sofa that works perfectly for a movie night with the family but also fantastically as a backdrop for a party scene.

Five of our Favourite Ideas to Level Up your Entertaining Spaces By Plantation Shutters

Photo via Naked Kitchens

Cinema room or Stadium in a Living Room

The next entry is for the movie lovers and sports fans among us. Much like the last point, we made about the perfect scene, many of us look to copy that eerily quiet and perfectly pitch black setting of the cinema in our living rooms when it’s a movie night or the derby match. But much to our annoyance, there is always a beam of natural light that cuts through our windows and spoils the mood. So that’s why our shutters with an additional blackout blind would be the best way to fix this issue. The shutters are a fantastic decoration choice and with the many options for styling available, they’ll look amazing in any room. And with a blackout blind behind them, they’ll give you that extra flexibility with light control. Allowing you to sit back and watch your movie or cheer on your team in the perfect setting every time.

All the best parties end up in the kitchen.

For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, not just for quality time with the family as food is prepped, picnics prepared, and school lunches are meticulously crafted. But it’s also a great place in the house for a party so why not have the space decorated to reflect that mood too. No need to go with that boring as mud monochrome white on the cabinets and fridge. Throw in accents of vivid red, cool blue or even racing green to give the room a sense of fun. This is something that the guys at Naked Kitchens do all the time, we’ve talked about their fantastic attention to detail before, allowing for a kitchen to truly shine. Flowing between loud and subtle colour schemes adds several layers to any space so never be afraid to not focus on just one colour.

Five of our Favourite Ideas to Level Up your Entertaining Spaces By Plantation Shutters

Photo via Jo Cowen Architects.

Allow for the rooms to flow between each other with ease.

This next tip, we get it, you might not be able to help this because of the layout of your house. But you indeed want your guests to be able to move around your home with ease, so no one feels cut off. One way to do it is to have no doors, simple but effective, though maybe regretted later. Something we’ve seen dotted around various projects throughout London over the past year is installations we’re calling window walls. The basis of their design is to make a room feel larger than it is, while still being able to split the room apart from each other. This is typical with metal framing running through the glass to give it more integrity but also to conform to the popular industrial metallic style that’s been a huge part of the interior design world for some years now. You can see from the image above, the extent of a difference that it makes to a room.

And there you have it, our set of ideas to get your home in ship-shape for the party season, year, one-off or just to show off to your mates and make them that little bit jealous. Which was your favourite? Share the story about with your mates. We’ll see you later this week with our top ten Instagram accounts to follow in March!

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