Getting through your home renovations

Getting through your home renovations

Home renovations can be a stressful time for anyone - your home becomes a building site and lengthy works can leave you feeling as though there is no end in sight. Many of our customers are usually in the process of undertaking home renovations when they look to invest in shutters and whilst these should be the final flourish on completed works, we understand that we are just one piece of a very large puzzle.

Whether you are in the early stages of your renovations and assessing your budget or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of works, here are some tips to get you through:

Focus on your priorities

It’s easy to get carried away when undertaking renovations as each set of works or purchase prompts your inspiration further to what can be done next. A great way to keep yourself grounded is to set your priorities early and keep focused on them. Remember that not everything needs to be done at once and so whilst you’ll be excited for your dream interiors to be finished, some things can wait. Get the basics out of the way first; walls, floors, windows and their dressings. Don’t let that pretty £500 lamp sway your attention or budget on these key elements which will be the longest lasting and core of your interiors so are certainly worth investing a little more for better quality.

Organisation of time and budget

There are some things that are out of your control with renovations such as unforeseen delays to works, however, as best you can, keeping organised on timings and budgets will help things tick along smoothly. You will likely have set your budget early in the process so just make sure you carefully stick to this as the renovations take place. As many trades only require part payments for a deposit and remaining balances later down the line, logging your works into a spreadsheet is a great way to ensure that you do not fall over-budget as you can detail what will be paid overall on each section of the works to keep you within reasonable figures. If you think you might struggle with the organisation or simply don’t have the time to oversee restoration works then an option is to work with an interior designer who will make arrangements for your dream interiors based on your budget and who will also be the point of contact to liaise with various parties and take away the back and forth.

Keep everyone in the loop

As changes happen at each stage of your renovations/ refurbishments, this can have an effect on other planned works so to prevent or reduce complications as much as possible make sure anyone linked to each step is kept well informed should any changes occur. For example, if your plasterer delays your painter then you may need to push back your shutter installation to ensure that all decoration is finished before this final touch is added. Last minute notification of changes can be problematic and delay things further causing you unnecessary stress which could be prevented with clear communication so keep on to this and you will find things will run a lot more smoothly.  

Trust in your experts

You will have paid plenty of money for a top-quality product and for experts to complete works or install items for you so trust in their experience and enjoy a moment to kick back and relax whilst they do their stuff at appointments! You will enjoy looking through the finished works once these are completed and of course may have some small snagging issues to run through which all reputable companies will sort for you promptly. It is understandable that having people in your home undertaking works may make you somewhat nervous and you may be keen to supervise, but often leaving teams to it for the bulk of their works and then reviewing afterwards will allow you to get on with your own busy schedule and get the most efficient service from teams… nobody works well with someone hanging over their shoulder. If you are anxious about anything in particular then give clear instructions to teams both prior to works being undertaken and also on the day so it is well understood what you need from them and all are on the same page.

Temporary set ups

If you know an area will be out of action for a while pre-plan and get yourself a temporary set up with everything you need so you don’t feel too limited by the works going on. For example, if you are renovating your kitchen it is a good idea to move your microwave and either your fridge or potentially a mini fridge into another room with a little camping stove or hot plate (safely and fire conscious of course) so you still have the option to prepare some basic meals should you wish.

Similarly, if you will loose access to a home office space then setting yourself up in your kitchen or another room with your computer and other work essentials (or even non-essentials if they help you get through the day) on a temporary basis before the works start will get you used to the area and settle you in so that if you loose your home working space for longer than anticipated you won’t feel too stressed about it.

Find your calm place

Being able to remove yourself either physically or mentally from the stress of renovation works is  hugely important so you do not feel that you are surrounded by works as this may frustrate you and make you feel overwhelmed. In current times we are a little more limited as to where we can go outside of the home but going for a walk, run, cycle can really help clear your head. Alternatively, create yourself a ‘zen’ area in the home where you can kick back with a book, another relaxing activity or even practice some Yoga or meditation to calm you outside of working hours.

An open mind is a happy mind

Nobody wants to hear that things might change out of their control, especially when approaching the early stages of their renovations, but going into the process with an open mind can really help minimise stress should problems arise later down the line. With enough research you will understand the specifications and limitations of different materials and products you are working with so will not find yourself disappointed later in the process when you realise that what you hoped to do is not possible. However you might still come across some bumps along the way. Keeping an open mind to the possibility of issues arising or things changing slightly will make you feel much calmer and more adaptable should anything crop up.

Concentrate on the end goal

For any the stress and frustration that may come from undertaking renovation works, and if you are having a slight down day, just remember what it is all for and focus on those completed works and how wonderful your home will look once everything comes together.

Embrace the experience

For all the difficulties that undertaking full renovations can bring, try to enjoy the experience of managing different elements of your works, working with different teams, and the reward of the pay off of beautiful interiors as a result. You will likely only undertake large scale works on a couple of occasions unless you decide to renovate and sell multiple properties so make the most of the experience and remember, it will be over before you know it!

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