A guide to de-cluttering your home


A guide to de-cluttering your home

It’s the time of year that you may be starting to think about having have revamp of your home and clearing out some of the clutter that may have built up over the summer months. This can make for a fresh, open, space ready to cozy up as we (welp!) approach the latter months of the year.

You may feel that your home is not in need for a complete re-vamp or de-clutter, but it’s nice to change things up every now and again for a freshen up. These tips can help you whether you are looking to make a drastic change or just want some handy tips to keep in mind for that sudden spell of feeling productive and wanting to clean round.

An important advisory to keep in mind is to start small and tackle one thing at a time so you get more of a sense of achievement. Trying to de-clutter and take on cleaning tasks throughout the entire home at the same time can lead to boredom setting in and potentially becoming overwhelmed with the task at hand. Instead, break the work up into palatable pieces, so you get the sense of achievement after completing each stage. This also gives you the opportunity to pick up parts of the clearing project as you feel and complete over a period of time.

Get into the headspace

When de-cluttering your home you need to adopt a more brute approach to items to make sure you are successful in your endeavour. Ask yourself important questions like when the last time was you used each item and will it come in useful going forward. Bear in mind that being firm doesn’t mean you need to be wasteful so always consider charity shops or recycling options before throwing away.   

Sentiment has a place

Sentimental trinkets and items don’t need to chucked as part of your clear out mission, every home should be personal to its residents and these memories are a huge part of this. Everything should be given their place though and over-crowing surfaces can make cleaning a difficult and off-putting. Don’t leave photo albums or cherished items lying around for the once a year you will look through them – give them a home and only pull out when you need them.

Don’t let things pile up

Once you have made the decision to get rid of any of your items, don’t let them stack up waiting to be donated/ recycled or disposed of. Similarly, if you have piles of paperwork that has stacked up around your home then sort through and organise accordingly. You’ll be defeating the object of de-cluttering if you re-clutter sides and surfaces with things to be chucked.

Decide how you’re going to work

Work smarter not harder and decide how you are going to break up your de-cluttering session. There are a few ways to distribute this from larger overall rooms to smaller jobs such as particular cupboards in any one room or stacks of things. However you decide to break it down, make a list so when you find yourself with some spare moments you can tackle one part of the overall job and get it ticked off. Nothing quite as satisfying as getting your to do list complete!

Have an end goal

When you really get into the spirit of de-cluttering your home it can become an addictive endeavour, have an end goal in mind of where you want to be with each room so you don’t find yourself in an endless cycle of sorting.

With the right tools in your belt, it's time to get your de-cluttering mission underway! Looking to add shutters for the finishing touch? Get a material cost today by submitting your sizes to our Online Calculator and we'll call you to discuss your quote in detail. 


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