Happy St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day 2018

Happy St Patrick’s Day

March has come around once again and that means only one thing. St Patrick’s Day, a day that has all Irish born (by nationality or spirit) in London, and throughout the planet, quaking in their boots with excitement for the annual celebrations.

As London does, exceedingly well, we’re throwing a party of course. London has continued to show itself as a city that openly accepts all nationalities and creeds, even if it involves having one or two drinks too many. Special occasions will always have out.

The day itself is marked with celebration in consideration of the Patron St Patrick who was commanded by the church to travel from England to Ireland to teach the Pagan population the ways of Christianity which is a very heavily weighted task. To put it into comparable terms, that’s like asking a toddler to teach algebra to a wolf. But he did it, and the reason behind all the three-leaf clover imagery that can be seen at every celebration and not the typically lucky four-leaf clover, is that St Patrick used the three-leaf clover to represent the Holy Trinity to the Pagans in his efforts.

Though celebrations will be taking place throughout the planet on this weekend, the heart of London’s action will be taking place in and around Trafalgar Square. The annual parade will be travelling throughout Piccadilly and end in Trafalgar Square where the real party starts. This Saturday the 17th of March surrounding Nelson’s Column, will be a massive main stage occupied with bands, dancers and various other performances entertaining, what is likely to be, over 125,000 people throughout the 16th- 18th March duration of the celebration in the famed square. Along with the show, they’ll all be properly fed and watered with a heap of food stalls and even a massive tea tent. Not to mention a couple of spots where you can pick up a Guinness.

Have the little ones with you? Fantastic! Right by Trafalgar Square is the family zone of the parade once again providing heaps of light fun for all the family to get involved in. With games, activities and heaps of mystical stories about ancient Ireland, stilt walking, magicians, bubble shows and a load of dancing that even the sternest adults won’t be able to resist joining in with.

St Patrick's Day 2018

On top of the festivities that are going on in central London this weekend, we wanted to highlight just some of the best events that will kick off throughout our city for the slightly more nocturnal of us. Each as perfectly mad as the last.

The Piano Works in Farringdon, which is a favourite venue of ours, will be blaring out anthems well into the night with their signature ‘request a song’ format that they’ve followed for years. The live band will be dressed up to the rafters and they say ‘so should you’ so get out your emeralds and go have a fantastic night. With full table service and a mouth-watering menu, you can eat and sing out to your heart’s content.

As our neighbouring Clapham has constantly upgraded over the years and so has its reputation for good nights out at the Grand. The proud venue that sits right by Clapham Junction station is yet again marking St Paddy’s day with a Father Ted-Athlon where they’ll be packing out the space with chairs and tables for everyone to sit soft as they watch episode after episode on a massive screen with unlimited popcorn, sweets, a load of hot food to wallow in. With, of course a nice cup of tea on offer too. There will be a series of competitions for people to get involved with like finding the best dressed nuns and priests in the audience as well the ‘Lovely Girls’ (and boys) competition. If you’ve got a mate who’s yet to enjoy the show (where have they been??) then let them loose on the hilarity this weekend. All this perfectly timed after showing the last Ireland match of this year’s Rugby Six Nations: England vs Ireland.

The Piano Works venue via Secret London

Photo via The Spaces

Speaking of hilarity, here’s the last special find that we wanted to throw in for consideration this weekend. Comedy Carnival is hosting a night of comedy in Covent Garden to show case some of the biggest and brightest talent in Irish comedy. The drinks and the laughs will be flowing in total unison on this night so make sure you book a ticket. Once the night of comedy is over, the entirety of Covent Garden is an open playground to be enjoyed.

The same is said for London on the night as while there are heaps of events on, you can be sure that every drinks venue will be welcoming all with a perfect pint of Guinness to celebrate.

What are your plans for the day? Are you going to head to Trafalgar Square for the parade? Let us know with a comment below and please share this around with your friends if they’re still hunting around for something to do.  

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, please enjoy it to the fullest. Have a very happy St Patrick’s Day from all of us here at Plantation Shutters.

As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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