Home Security during breaks away

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Home Security during breaks away

As the country is getting ready to once again take time away for both UK breaks and holidays abroad, it’s important to consider your home security when leaving for any period of time – something that may have fallen to the back of the mind with the additional time at home. Here are some basic tips on home security measures to consider when heading away so you can be confident that your house and your treasured items will be intact on your return: 

Create the illusion of a presence in the house

With so many technologies available for remote home control, there are an abundance of ways to replicate a physical presence in the house, deterring opportunist thieves from trying their luck. A couple of things to try include;

1. Timed lighting

Timed light switches have been around for years although many tend not to find their way out of draws until Christmas time for tree lights and decorations. Using these timers on lamps when you’re out of the home is a great way for lights to activate on an evening giving the perception of someone switching the lights on from inside the house. Ensure that your timed plugs have been checked over by an electrician before installing so that you can be comfortable that there won’t be any problems in your absence.


2. Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are very much in fashion at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. The technology connects directly to your phone or device of choice so whenever someone rings the doorbell it rings your device and starts a one-way video and two-way audio chat so that you can see who has rung, and chat to them. This means that if any unexpected visitor calls round you can answer – it may be a delivery allowing you to give your preferred instructions of where to leave the parcel but it will also put your mind at ease that for anything less desirable, this will act as a deterrent.

3. Smart home technologies

As it is now possible to control your entire home from your phone, you can utilise this to activate your lights, stereo, televisions or any other light and noise creating devices at random times to give the illusion that someone is home. The environmentally conscious minded will know that using electrical devises unnecessarily isn’t exactly friendly to our carbon impact, so consider alternative options or only do this sporadically and for short bursts if you choose to do this. You also don’t want to switch things on and forget, resulting in complaints from your neighbours about the music playing late at night – even if you do have good taste!    

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Ask a trustee to stop by and check on things for you

When going away for longer than a couple of days, a good option is to ask a friend, neighbour, or family member to check in at your property whilst you’re gone. Not only can your house-sitter stop in to sort through your mail, water the plants, and feed your goldfish but importantly it will be clear that someone is home – you might even ask them to stay over for a couple of evenings if they are happy to do so. If you are stopping in for someone else, consider changing your routine up and dropping in at random times rather than sticking to the same time/ day. This can be hard as you are no doubt squeezing the favour in around your own busy schedule but an unpredictability of someone popping by can act as a deterrence.

Carefully position your window dressings

Thinking about how you position your window dressings can be somewhat of an art - you want to restrict the view into the home so passers-by cannot see in but also shutting down the house by completely blocking window areas with closed curtains or blinds can be a giveaway that the property is empty. Shutters are the best window dressing solution in this situation as you can position your shutters to closed panels with louvres tilted upwards. This allows light to shine through into the room but the interiors are out of direct view from the outside making it unclear whether someone is home.

Don’t leave high value items on show

It’s the classic piece of advice for home security which might seem obvious but be mindful of any high value items on display to avoid temptation of any opportunists. This doesn’t just apply to televisions or expensive technology, but also pushbikes and cars. Leaving your car unmoved for weeks can tempt thieves into breaking into the house for the keys. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, try and move the car into there (you can always put some of your bulkier items stored in there into the house). Other possibilities include parking by friend or families’ homes if available so that they can keep an eye for you. Similarly, if you usually keep your bike outside, move it into your home to keep it safe whilst you are away as you won’t be concerned about busy indoor space.

Avoid publicising your break away on social forums

Many are dependent on social media for their communications between friends old and new and whilst it is lovely to share updates, be mindful of the content that you are putting out for people. Without realising, you may have some older posts that give either explicit reference to where your house is based. Little things such as recognisable reference points, tagging yourself in the house or taking pictures of the home exterior can indicate where you live. If your privacy settings are not set secure enough then you may be open to strangers being able to see your content so when you post about heading off on your holidays you’re advertising that your house will be free. Consider three steps; cleanse your social media of anything referencing where you are based, check your privacy settings are secure so that only those who you know and trust can see your content, and if in doubt don’t post about your time away until back in the home again.  

Invest in quality security measures

It can feel frustrating spending large amounts of money on security measures, but if they save you the cost of replacing items in the home they are definitely worth it. Alarm systems, high quality locks and extra security measures on your windows can make a real difference in not just stopping intruders getting into your property but also deterring them. Our Aluminium security shutters are a customer favourite for anyone with security on their mind due to their exceptional durability and patented Italian locking system. Aluminium shutters are designed specifically to be an interior or exterior security measure but whilst maintaining the luxury look and style of Plantation Shutters. To get a quote for your Aluminium Security Shutters, give the team a call today on 02088719222.  

Be organised

You are most likely to encounter anxiety about your home security when you have been in a rush to leave the house and can’t remember if you did everything you set out to in ensuring your home is as secure as possible. Leave yourself plenty of time ahead of leaving so you can take each step in turning off, closing and locking things with the necessary time to do it properly. You may also consider making a list of each of the steps you need to take, ticking each thing off as you complete it, so when the panic of whether things were done properly sets in you can check the list and assure yourself that all is well and you have done everything you need to.

*Plantation Shutters Ltd is not a security company. We can advise on the benefits of Aluminium Security Shutters but if you need a full consultation of security measures in your home then we would always recommend speaking with security specialists. 


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