How living spaces will change after 2020

How living spaces will change after 2020

The last year has changed platforms across the world and interior design is not exempt. As the landscape for interior trends and what will inspire us in the new year are coming into focus, experts have been predicting how this year’s lockdowns will change our interior preferences. From more attention to year-round use of the garden, to adapting spaces in the home as multifunctional areas suitable for the whole family, there are multiple ways that these changes will come into play.


Warmer colours and decoration

Dulux have announced their colour of the year as “Brave Ground”, which really grounds predictions that earthy and natural tones will be more commonly used as a neutral pallet and an opportunity to bring the outside in.

Multi-functional spaces

Designers are seeing a change in their client’s design preferences for rooms, moving away from conventional restrictions of a space and adding new furniture pieces to enhance the possibilities of the area. Where homeowners once opted to have a clear distinction between bedroom and living areas, this preference is slipping into a combination of design features like putting seating areas into bedrooms to take business calls or do work during the day in busy households.

As gyms and other public workout spaces are closed, homeowners are also utilising their own spaces for indoor workouts by creating home workout area either a static area or with equipment/ maps cleared away to bring out into the room when required.  

Just as it will become important to ensure that there are spaces to be physically active in the home, it will be just as important to have mental well-being areas to encourage rest and wellness. Mental wellness is very much down to an individual and what they need to destress or clear their head after a busy day, but allocating these relaxation spaces will be something seen more in homes going forward.

Creative Storage Solutions

Creative storage solutions will also continue to become hugely desirable as we spend more time in the home and require easy access to a larger amount of our possessions and work materials for those who are busy working from home. These clever storage solutions were already gaining popularity with people looking to make the most out of space in the home keeping clutter tidied away. Many pieces of furniture now integrate these storage solutions into their builds so keep an eye out for some crafty additions.

Resiliant, safe, and long-lasting purchases

Another significant addition interior specialists foresee in the new year is a change in purchasing habits where consumers will have a greater focus on product longevity and security. As safety will continue to be on peoples minds, our Aluminium Security Shutters are a fantastic solution to enhancing security in the home without sacrificing interior style. There has also been a noted preference for products with longevity and resilience to avoid an unreliability in difficult times and Aluminium shutters are a fantastic choice for this window dressing.

Easy clean purchases

In times where health is pivotal in homes, easy clean solutions will gain traction so that areas can be kept well maintained and safe. These easy clean solutions are a great way to ensure that homes remain sparkly clean and virus free for everyone. One of the best additions you can make are shutters as your window dressings as not only are these a wonderful addition to your overall look but they are also exceptionally easy to maintain.

Larger or open kitchen spaces

Kitchen spaces will also be adapted in homes to open up a greater amount of space so we will likely see the re-introduction pantries and other similar features in city homes. Whilst we obviously don’t recommend using pantry space for storing hordes of toilet rolls as we all know there is plenty enough to go around, the UK is shopping less regularly and tending to opt for big shops in favour of multiple, smaller, trips to the shop. With all of that extra food and staples kitchens will be adapted, as with other areas in the home, to accommodate plenty of extra storage spaces.

Additional features will also be added to living areas to encourage more cohesive family living with all spending more time in the home. Interior experts predict that going into the new year we will see more added features in room such as tables throughout the home allowing for multiple working, gaming and general use areas to avoid conflict over the few surfaces available. Breakfast benches and dining areas may also double up as homework or working spaces where needed.



As with interiors, experts predict that there will also be changes to our exteriors as we adapt for year-round garden use. This will be achieved in multiple ways including the addition of outdoor seating allowing for comfortable use of the garden area and fire pits or outdoor heaters will be used to warm the area centralising a good year-round gathering spot.

To improve the use of the space, there will be an increase in the use of gadgets in the garden such as pizza ovens, outdoor lighting and even easily accessed pull down projector screens to make an outdoor cinema area.

As discussed in Essential Magazine’s “How will COVID-19 will change the face of urban planning and architecture” Tommaso Giunchi has noted how it will become more the case that city dwellers will become less inclined to opt for properties with no outdoor spaces and that developers will need to account for this in new property designs ensuring that to increase desirability some outdoor space is available even if this achieved in clever ways. If changes are not made, more and more people will opt to abode outside of cities to connect to the outside world and enjoy down time when the busy city bustle slows.

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