This is a question likely to generate endless answers and what is more, they might all be correct. The reason behind this is because there is a wide variety of factors that can influence the style you choose. The window shape and size, as well as the material range you choose, can impact which style works best for you.

When it comes to shutter style the trend seems to be going the way of the simple yet versatile full height shutter. The more traditional tier on tier and café style options are often combined with the more contemporary hidden tilt rod option to give them a modern twist. These styles will always be popular throughout London due to the multitude of bay windows found throughout the capital.

The other popular styles are a solid panel and shaped shutters. Solid panels shutters are exactly as the name suggests, Solid. They hark back to the traditional styles that were commonly built into casement windows in Georgian architecture though have since been adapted to suit any window type. Shaped shutters are designed to fit the most intricate of window designs from arches to triangles and everything in-between.

Full Height Shutters 

Full height shutters cover the full length of a window. This is a popular style for windows that aren’t as tall as other windows or where cafe style isn’t wanted. It is also often used in instances where it is presumed that the shutters will not open at all. In this case, the shutters mimic the natural design of the window itself, matching panels with panes to maximise light.

This is a contemporary way of designing full height shutters and with a huge range of custom made mounting options and a plethora of panel configurations; they can be designed to suit your requirements.

Cafe Style Shutters 

Cafe style shutters cover the bottom half of a window only, exposing the rest of the window. They are typically used on tall windows that stretch to the majority of the length of the wall.

The advantage of this style is most effective on properties that overlooked or on street-level, as is often the case in many locations in London, for example, ground floor and basement flats or houses. The bottom half results in privacy, the exposed window still lets in all the light. People have this style for privacy and complement them with curtains or blinds.

Tier on Tier Shutters 

These cover the whole window but the top and bottom half are independent of one another – opening like stable doors. This is advantageous as it allows for more flexibility whereby you can control each section.

This means there can be privacy and light like with cafe style shutters, with the top half open and the bottom half closed. Alternatively, it can be the other ways around, whichever suits you best.

Solid Panels Shutters 

Solid panel shutters are exactly as they sound; solid panels that cover the whole window, which is similar to traditional styles that were built into casement windows in Victorian architecture.

The added benefits are that these panels offer near blackout and also provide high levels of noise insulation and perceived security. There is also the possibility of having the panels with louvres on the top half with a solid panel base, a common option for wardrobe doors and room divides.

Special Shapes Shutters 

Special shapes shutters are custom-made and designed to fit perfectly any interior window shape and size and they are surely a practical and stylish solution for even the most difficult windows.

Ultimately your taste and the practicality of use will often dictate which style you choose. Have a look at our plantation shutters photo gallery if you’re looking for some inspiration and good luck on your choice!