International Women's Day 2018

Abigail Ahern, Jo Hamilton, Katherine Pooley, Rose Uniacke and Tara Bernerd

International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day is celebrated throughout the world and has done since the early 1900’s. It acts a collective celebration of their many wide achievements across all platforms within society. From the scientific to the political and from the social to the creative. The day also acts a landmark in its progress. And while the previous year has provided many extraordinary achievements, it also illustrates a stark reminder of the press for progress that is yet to be made in the pursuit of gender equality.

With it being International Women’s Day today, we thought we’d take some time to sing the praises of ten of the most talented designers who continue to influence all in today’s Interior Design market, one room at a time.

Katherine Pooley

The Katherine Pooley Design Studio’s work spans more than a decade and a half with her squad of designers working across both residential and commercial design projects all over the world. With a constant attention to, and appreciation of, luxury style that does all it can to highlight the very experienced traveller that is their leader Katherine. The process stemmed from her work has transformed not only into a thriving company but an expansive boutique shop and Katherine herself into an acclaimed author with her book ‘Journey by Design’.

Rose Uniacke

Not only a renowned interior designer but an expert antique dealer to add to her roster, Rose Uiacke is a force to be reckoned with. Holding respect for varying tastes is one of the most important things for an interior designer to welcome when working with their clients. Rose’s efforts to include as much warmth in her designs as possible has earned her a series of awards to go with her critical success. The Sunday Times previously naming her ‘The Queen of Serene’ thanks to her resulting projects. 2018 is sure to be an incredible year for her.

A Project by Suzy Hoodless

Photo via: Suzy Hoodless


Tara Bernerd

Now for one of the most well-known names in the industry with her works spanning not only the UK but some of the globe's most exotic locations including the United States of America and Spain. Not only with residential projects, but within hospitality, commercial offices and even the odd Yacht. Now we must admit that we’ve sung her praises before when it comes to this project, but we have to highlight her stunning work on the luxury apartment that overlooks the Thames, here in London with no singular style being entirely adopted, yet collectively the apartment looks stunning as a final result. On top of this, we too want to lay out praise to her status as a feminine icon in fashion and lifestyle as the world’s publications are right never to forget.

Abigail Ahern

Next on our list here is the interior designer whose delightfully Wabi Sabi approach to design is something they’re very proud of. Abigail Ahern and her firm has a self-confessed adoration for spaces that feel ‘a little messed up’ and we can’t argue with that when we see the stunning results of their work. Her designs have recently been praised as the ‘epitome of cool’ with their whole-hearted approach to dark and calming colour tones that she claims to come across as the joining of ‘tomboy and glamour puss’ which we love. Her blog is definitely one to be following for inspiration.

Salvesen Graham

From delightfully dark and moody to bright and serene with Salvesen Graham and their colourful approach to their work that incorporates colourful artistic additions to add layer upon layer to their work. This entry to our list comes as a two for the price of one when it comes to prominent women in the field of interior design with Nicole Salvesen and Mary Graham combining their twenty years of expertise to create this wonderful firm. You can read up on their work in a series of house hold magazines like House and Garden and Living ECT.

A Project by Louise Bradley

Photo via: Louise Bradley

Joanna Wood

Much like the previously mentioned Tara Bernerd, our next entry, Joanna Wood doesn’t tether herself to the streets of London, or even just houses for that matter. Joanna’s work stretches around the globe with some extraordinary projects under her belt. These include a Spanish castle and the interior of an aeroplane. On top of being one of the most experienced interior designers on our list with over 25 years of incredible work always adding her personable touch to each home, she’s also an acclaimed author with her book ‘Interiors for Living’. Joanna has also acted as an advocate for the awareness of women in the business world having had numerous interviews with newspapers and radio presenters over the years, very quick to highlight the amazing statistic that female entrepreneurs contribute over £3.5 billion to the UK economy and how efforts should be made to continually encourage women to lead in the business world.  

Suzy Hoodless

Now we have a true chameleon on our hands with our next inspirational female interior designer. The main aspect of Suzy Hoodless’ work that we adore is a breadth of styles that are adopted for each of their many projects that they run simultaneously. Adopting Scandinavian minimalism for one and industrial sleekness for the next. This really highlights this company’s efforts for building relationships with their clients that results in a completely personalised look that never leaves one room looking the same as the previous. While evidently busy, having been a keen follower of hers on Instagram we’ve followed her amazing efforts to have her family life co-exist with her work which an inspirational stand point for anyone and we salute her for it.  

Nina Campbell

The next entry on our list is an individual who beautifully bridges the gap between traditional and modern interior design with her works that appear in some of the most stunning places on the planet. The renowned owner of the famed retail shop in Knightsbridge for over 30 years selling home accessories and gifts, Nina Campbell is certainly a proud member of London’s most elite business women.  

Jo Hamilton

Back to someone else we’ve taken some time the shout praises for is Jo Hamilton who’s work we celebrated in one of our top ten interior design Instagram accounts. We’re big fans of her evidently luxurious design style that adds a sheet of exclusivity to all her projects but here, we want to highlight Jo’s prominent reputation beyond the realm of interior design. She’s acted as a key note speaker at interior design events for many years and makes regular appearances as a writer and broadcaster. She too, is a huge supporter of the NSPCC and the Royal Brompton Hospital, charities that are very close to our hearts. We hope to see her work continue to grow, both regarding interior design and her charity work in the next year.

A Project by Nina Campbell

Photo via: Nina Campbell

Louise Bradley

Finally, on our list of inspirational women in interior design is the amazing Louise Bradley whose golden touch has added a layer of luxury to a plethora of London’s most exclusive addresses as well as far beyond including the heavenly white home in Kuwait and a modern extravaganza of a design job in a home in Switzerland that looks out over stunning flowing countryside. With such recognition, on a global scale, Louise is just one of the many women in business who’s work continues to highlight the importance for women to be further acknowledged for the empires that they have built.

And there’s our list of just some of the female, inspirational power houses that make up the interior design industry. It must be said obviously we’re aren’t just focussed on these incredible women on International Women’s Day but throughout all industries and social life. We encourage you to seek out the various ways your local area will be marking the day. Let us know how they’re celebrating this day of a press for progress, an unbelievable 100 years on from 1918, the year women in our country were finally given the right to vote.

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Plantation Shutters.

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