January's Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Wine and Deli at Boxpark by Avocado Sweets

January's Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

2018 is here and with that we’re kicking off our run of favourite Instagram accounts of the month! Throughout the year we will be hunting around the biggest and brightest stars on Instagram when it comes to interior design, picking out our favourites that we think should be on everybody’s list for inspiration. And we’ll be posting them on our blog and all across social media every month so be sure to get involved.

Godrich Interiors

Without further ado, let’s get things started with an old friend of Plantation Shutters, Godrich Interiors. This London based interior design firm has cut through the traditional tape that consumes a lot of interior design schemes in today’s world without entirely forgetting it. Working throughout some of the most exclusive post codes in our fair city, as well as other jaw dropping locations such as Venice, Ibiza and Mallorca. They work with a traditional canvas but work with some of the most forward-thinking design features from outlandish colour schemes to show stopping furniture. So, if you’re looking for warming design, without being left in the dust, or something that acts as more of a statement, then their feed is something to consider.

Design Hunter

Next on our list is our first blogger of the year, Helen Powell who heads up the award-winning blog, Design Hunter with her insights into the latest trends in all things interior design, architecture and the best of the lifestyle products out there. With that being said, she can’t captain the ship alone. Her husband, Graham, a top designer and lecturer, writes a few posts himself now and then for a fresh insight. All while being motivated forth by their beautiful whippet, Albert. With an obvious love for minimal Scandinavian design, her feed is something to keep up to date on for those great ideas to using up space with stunning intricate pieces without cluttering up the space. A must follow.

Photo of a Living Room Project by Designed by Woulfe

Photo of a Living Room Project by Designed by Woulfe

Design Atelier

Designer’s Atelier is a platform showing off the many insights of Dagmar across the fashion, interior design, architecture and product design industries. With her chameleon feed that expresses new and exciting ideas while maintaining an ever-changing colour theme throughout from brilliant blues to stunning oranges making it all the more engaging a feed to follow. With this, we’d suggest this for anyone who is in a constant struggle with inspiration, which of course, is everyone!

Tristram Design

Next for our January list is the multi-talented crew at Tristram Design who we have too, worked with on a few occasions throughout the years.  As they offer full home design services across residential and commercial projects, what you see in their feed becomes all the more outstanding a feed. With a mixture of modern and traditional design efforts their projects truly show their strife for working in correlation with their client’s needs. And you can see this in their feed with a cross-section of pieces that they integrate into each project from traditional sculptures to the sleek, modern materials when designing a kitchen. We loved their recent work on that living room in Battersea.

 Aflux Interiors

Creating some of the most amazing spaces throughout London, filled with personality, this interior design and architectural firm is one to keep an eye on. Creating modern spaces with uncomplicated pieces of design to fill the space they have available to them. Their projects are quite the envious topic of the many other firms dotted throughout the capital. A fantastic account that shows off the lifestyle potential of modern family living. We love their work on the luxury apartment in Courtfield Gardens.

Photo of a Living Room Project by Godrich Interiors

Photo of a Living Room Project by Godrich Interiors

Kai Interiors

Coming in next on our list are the commercial and residential interior designers who also are very accomplished at furniture design too with their very own full range. Kai Interiors have made a very big name for themselves over the years with their stunning restaurant interior design work that then steadily moved into retail and finally into residential. An expansive portfolio of works that they show off in their stunning Instagram feed. Made up of a vibrant range of colours to show off their final projects and the process that they followed to get to that point. It really lets their feed flow in real time, as an actual project would. Inspiration to draft to action to completion. A great example of idea generation out of different cultures that inflates their success.

Avocado SweetsEvros Agathou

Next, we have one of the most varied feeds in this list, let alone out of every other list we’ve ever put together. Evros Agathou is the husband half of the husband and wife duo who set up the widely praised Avocado Sweets interior design firm. Evros and Susie set the company up in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. The duo are Londoners who love to pound the streets seeking inspiration wherever they can find it. What makes Evros’ feed so incredible are the alterations between their work at the company, his love for the London street art scene and how he spends his time with his family. It stands in perfect balance between a lifestyle and work account which makes it so accessible. What’s great to see, when you look at their incredible work is that, as a Londoner, you’ll be able to recognise numerous projects that they’ve completed such as the meet up for an eat/drink/party/chill spot, Boxpark where they designed the always fun Wine and Deli spot. We love all their work for its obvious sense of fun.

Jessica Clarke Design

Now we’re heading out of London for the beautiful Hertfordshire with our next entrant. Jessica Clarke Design is a design studio that specialises in bespoke kitchen and bathroom design with stunning work that expands her very own digs but stretches through the London area just south of her. Much like Evros, a large part of what makes her feed so engaging are the additions of her very own inspirations that come in the form of art, design and architecture. We especially loved her use of space with her ensuite bathroom project. A truly stunning finish.

Photo of a Bar Project by Kai Interiors

Photo of a Bar Project by Kai Interiors

Bear Rene

Next up is a duo of sisters and their luxury interior design firm Bear Rene with their wonderfully precisely detailed Instagram account showing off their progress. Their commercial, as well as residential projects are meticulously considered which is what makes their clients so happy with the results of their work. Their ability to sway in and out of design styles that their clients ask them to adopt is outstanding, whether that be a sleek modern office space of a warm and traditionally furnished country home. Their feed is a great location for product design inspiration. But we just love how their feed seems to say ‘Hey, have a look at this. What do you think?’

Designed by Woulfe

And finally, we finish off our list for this month with a powerhouse of the interior design world, Designed by Woulfe. Often accompanied by his Chow Chow, Brian Woulfe heads up ‘Designed by Woulfe’ a global interior design brand with an almost impossible to beat selection of friends that he sources his materials from, making his brand of design an extraordinarily exclusive one. We loved their feed for it’s insight into the efforts that Brian goes through to find new and exciting ways he can help his clients. Really illustrating the company’s statement that he always takes a very hands on approach when it comes to their work. A major congratulations are in order as well for receiving, just like us, a ‘Best of Houzz 2018’ award for service.

And there you have it, our first list of 2018, we hope you agree with our picks. Any other accounts you would have put in here? Let us know with a comment below. We’ll be back next month with another list of our favourite Instagram accounts for February!

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