Keeping Cool With Your Interiors

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Keeping Cool With Your Interiors

London and surrounding areas have been experiencing an extraordinary heatwave over the last few weeks with temperatures some days reaching 39 degrees in Heathrow on which was hotter than Ibiza and other popular holiday destinations. As many still find themselves working from home, we know you will have been desperately clutching at ways to keep cool in the heat. It has been a struggle for us brits who are not adjusted to soaring temperatures outside trips abroad, so here’s some tips to help keep cool on days where the heat feels too much to handle.

Invest in some ‘keep cool’ essentials

As most British homes are built specifically to trap heat in thanks to our usual cool temperatures for much of the year, your house will be working against you on hot days by maintaining the high temperatures that you are desperately trying to escape from. With this in mind, you might need to invest in a couple of items to help reduce the temperatures in rooms or assist with getting some sleep on hot evenings.


Lower your duvet tog

Many of us have a preference for our duvet thickness and what is conducive for a good night’s sleep which may change throughout the year. For hot summer months, a duvet tog of 1.0 - 4.5 is the recommended thickness for keeping cool on an evening. If you would rather not have multiple duvets to use throughout the year, then you might look to choose a mid-range tog of 7.0 – 10.5 (autumn and spring suggested thickness) which you could add blankets and cushioning to in winter for additional warmth. If you can’t cope with a duvet over you but need some kind of a covering for comfort, then another option would be to sleep with a sheet only. When choosing a new bed and mattress, ensure that you opt for one which best suits your sleeping temperature for year-round comfort. For example, if you are a hot sleeper then although you might be tempted by the comfort of a memory foam mattress, this may not be a good choice as they notoriously trap heat and can cause overheating on warm evenings.  

Fans of fans

There is a large range of options when it comes to home fans from top of the range Dyson fans to lower tech and cheaper desk fans. Depending on your budget, you may come away with any of these options but there are some other tips that can help with the effectiveness of your fan on those sweaty evenings. Putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan is a great way to ensure that cold air is blowing on to you when positioned correctly, just be careful that it is balanced suitably as that bowl full of ice will soon be a bowl full of water. Another option is to have a mister spray bottle next to the bed to occasionally spray yourself with, causing air to feel much cooler when blowing onto you. Do just be careful not to overdo it and sleep with wet hair or clothes, summertime colds are ironic but do very much exist.  

Utilise your shutters

Your shutters will be your best friend on warm days for a couple of reasons - the key one being that they are fantastic for helping with temperature control in rooms. Closing your shutter panels in front of an open window will ensure that a breeze can still blow through into the room and correct angling of slats will prevent light shining directly through, whilst simultaneously not blocking out this natural light source. Your slats will also allow privacy from the outside, so you won’t have any observers of whatever necessary means you choose to keep your body temperature cool (…your neighbours don’t need to see your pants). If you would like to block out all light into the room then you can fully close the shutter panels or slats and even utilise our integrated room darkening blinds for total light block in the room. There is more information in our blog ‘Interior Shutters and Overheating: What Are Your Options?’ Don’t have the luxury of shutters yet? You can submit some sizes to our Online Quote Calculator to get an idea of material costs or give the team a call on 02088719222.

Be mindful of obvious or hidden heat sources

On scorching days the last thing you want to be doing is cooking over a boiling hob or oven (we feel for you chefs!) so obvious heat sources like these will likely be used sparingly to prevent rooms getting too warm. Kitchen appliances aren’t the only heat sources in the home though, lightbulbs are an example of a hidden heat source that you will likely have forgotten about. Try and keep lights off during the day as even eco friendly and energy efficient bulbs can be culprits of adding heat to a room. Also try to limit usage of washing machines and dishwashers as they heat the home whilst in operation –instead consider saving your washing for over night cycles if the noise is not too disruptive as your electricity costs will likely be on cheaper night rates then anyway.

Keep cool and calm from the team at Plantation Shutters Ltd!


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