Kitchen Inspirations

Kitchen Shutter Inspirations by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Kitchen Inspirations

Thinking of having a kitchen revamp to modernise your space or considering making some slight adjustments for something different? Here are some top tips for transforming your kitchen space.

Keep worktops clear

It is important to allow yourself plenty of space to cook, bake and relax in your kitchen so keeping the surfaces de-cluttered will ensure that you can maximise any space that you do have around your kitchen and worktops. A key solution to this will be using intelligent storage solutions which we discuss below, but you can also make careful consideration of where you will place essentials such as a toaster, kettle or blender. Keep these accessories close to a plug point but avoid cluttering corners where they will need to be pulled out for use. Look isn’t everything but a matching set of these appliances will certainly fetch some compliments and accommodate design cohesiveness in the space.

Islands – what will you use it for?

If you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, plan the function of your kitchen island carefully before installation. For example, you could utilise your island for cooking by adding stoves or an oven into the unit, add seating around the island so it can double as a breakfast bar as well as filling it with cupboards for storage of your pots, pans, crockery. If you have a combined kitchen/ diner, then consider whether you will really get the use out of an island or whether it will just take up space where a table and chairs could be placed instead. Your kitchen is yours and must to suit your needs.

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Item storage

Intelligent storage solutions will make a huge difference to your kitchen in both overall design and in the convenience of access to your items. If you would prefer to avoid blocks of cupboard doors then you can mix your storage design by adding shelving nooks amongst cupboards for a great design mix and a chance to show off any fancy spices or luxury items hiding away. There is a fine line between varying the design and cluttering up your areas so be sure that any nooks you decide to include are not too busy in their contents.

Most modern kitchens have integrated bin storage in cupboards to ensure that it does not sit out on its own in an unsightly way, but not all come as a standard. If not already integrated, you can get inventive with your bin storage by storing them into cupboards for tidy and flush keeping, out of sight and also keeping the smell trapped away.

Another intelligent storage solution which can add to your space is a magnetic knife strip which will double in practical usage and design by displaying your knives for easy access but to also enhance that ‘kitchen style decor’. If you have children in or visitng the home then be sure that the sharp objects are out of reach… but also not so high that you could cause injury to yourself. There’s an art to it really!

Wide walkways

When shopping around for your kitchen design or items to go in the room, be aware not to box in too much and allow plenty of room to move around whether you are cooking, baking or generally socialising in the kitchen space. Consider adding interesting features such as luxury vinyl flooring or geometric tiles to the room rather than additional items to keep the area clear but also looking interesting. You can also enhance space in the kitchen with clever use of lighting around cupboards and at skirting level or behind a clinical glass cupboard door to light the space. Mirrors will make the room look more spacious, or if available to you then make the most of any windows and their dressing. Shutters are a fantastic solution to your kitchen as you can either opt for them on half the height of the window, extending the full height, and even match the shape of a shaped window. Intelligent lighting can also be used

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Colour-Pop Cabinets and patterns

If your kitchen has a strong emphasis on just one neutral colour or a scheme of similar shades, such as white or grey, you may look to inject some colour and make a statement with sleek cabinets in a bold shade. This burst of colour can break up another monotonous design especially as these lighter colours are best for small kitchen spaces. If you are not a fan of coloured cupboards you could also opt for glass covered units to add something different to the space or even a wine fridge as a feature in the room if your budget allows. Clear linear lines give a clean modern look to the kitchen which can be achieved by avoiding handles on the cupboards so this injection of colour can also add another dimension to the space. You can also play with the dimensions of a room using the shapes of stools, and most importantly, lighting drawing attention to focal points or favourite parts of the kitchen using this lights.

Farmhouse Accents

Just because you want a modern kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t embrace farmhouse assets, especially if the whole room is filled with rustic character. In fact, shabby chic is very much 'in' so urban modern designs may look to embody some of this character. Keep the space contemporary by minimising clutter especially around your cabinets and shelving, and also with the addition of rustic furniture such as wooden stools to mix these two interior design styles fabulously. You can inject the farmhouse feel into your kitchen with appliances such as an arger which can be matched with other modern features for a perfect contrast in the room. Details such as wooden beams can be enhanced if present to make for a homey feel and modern style units will match exceptionally. Plants are also a lovely addition to rooms and are a way to bring the country into your home.

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Stainless Steel and Black

Colour and material contrasts can be a tricky thing to get right but when done properly can have truly stunning effect. Appliance trends will come and go but stainless steel will always feel fresh so if you want to make a lasting change stainless steel is a fantastic option to go for on sinks and hobs for a kitchen that always looks modern and timeless. A fantastic combination for your kitchen colour scheme is matching this stainless steel with black within the kitchen – stainless steel for your sink and hardware and dark stained cupboard or even black sheen finished will pair wonderfully together.


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