Let there be light!

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Let there be light!

The nights are getting darker which means you will begin utilising your lamps and lights in rooms more often as Autumn draws in. As such, you might be starting to look at some of the hot trend lighting options available to brighten up your interiors both in design and light efficiency. Here are some interior lighting trends creating a buzz right now…

Brass Is Back

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Mixing brassy and metallic tones with your interiors is one of the hottest looks at the moment and lighting has been no exception to this. Industrial style metallic finish lamps add a modern edge to interiors and contrast fabulously with the warming glow produced by the bulb. So if you’re looking for an addition that will light up your room with glamour then looking out for metallic options might be the choice for you.


Keep In Shape with Geometric Lamps

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Another great trend to consider is working with Geometric shapes to add a new dimension to your rooms, especially when these shapes overlap one another. Any geometric shapes you choose will work well as the shapes alone act as statement pieces or intelligently matching existing shapes in the room is a great way to ensure a cohesiveness in your interiors.


Unique is the new conformity

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There are so many lighting options available that whether are looking to match current mainstream trends or not, you will be able to find some fabulous choices to suit you and your home. In fact, unusual feature pieces are what will set your space apart from any others, so choosing a unique lamp shape, design, or colour will give you a talking point and potentially even centre the design of room.


Go Bare

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Strip back lamp shades and coverings to highlight beautiful bulb shapes in designs that keep this light source feature as the highlight by either hanging down or exposing outwards from metal and other framing in a stunning combination of minimalistic architectural interior design.


Rennovating your interiors into something gorgeous? For that touch of luxury interior shutters make for a great addition to your home. To get a quote simply give the team a call on 02088719222 or use our Online Quote Calculator to gather material costs only. 

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