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The decision of having shutters installed in your home is more than often related to wanting to add the wow factor to a room or perhaps providing that extra style needed to blend everything together. Shutters could add Jimi Hendrix to your band, wielding his Fender but could also be just another brick on the wall. And when it comes to everything from interior design to architecture, the use of shutters will certainly help our trade partners to achieve it.

Juliette Byrne's Bathroom Design

Photo Source: Juliette Byrne Design

And at Plantation shutters we are always looking to help complete a homes look. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have worked alongside some of the best names in interior design, construction and architecture to help make a home owners dream a reality.

Something we want to highlight in this post is the work we have done with some of these amazing companies over the years. Helping each of them in their journey to help their many many clients. Adding that extra hint of sophistication to a bathroom or that feeling of security and warmth to one’s sitting room.

As you can see from the pictures below and above, us all working together has helped lead to some amazing completed projects for people who want all sorts of different things from their homes throughout London and beyond.

Battersea Builders Living Room

Photo Source: Battersea Builders

We understand their needs just as intricately as we would if we were working directly with a customer’s home. Our trade partners depend on us to provide a faultless service and we deliver it with our highly experienced surveyors, our professional and efficient fitters and our exceptional in house team on hand to help with any enquiry thrown our way.

Some of the traders that we have worked alongside have stayed with us for many years, requesting our services on many ongoing and up and coming projects.  By now, they know that when it comes to our product, we can virtually fit any window and this means that the client doesn’t need to be in constant communication with us once their final decision has been made. They can rest assured that their trust has been put in the right hands.

Laura Butler-Madden Bedroom Design

Photo Source: Laura Butler-Madden Design

It is worth pointing out that because of the made to measure nature of product, it cannot be simply hoisted off a shelf in a warehouse so that final decision is never taken lightly and we are very astute when it comes to making sure our client is well-informed before making a decision. And this results in a happy triangle of end clients, traders and us.

We believe it is vital that these relationships are founded and maintained on the best of circumstances and we always work towards making it a good experience for everybody involved, that way we can hope to another 35 years as the leaders in the market for interior shutters.

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FREE Upgrade on all our wooden materials

FREE Upgrade on all our wooden materials


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