London’s Offerings for the Little Ones this Summer

Kidzania in Westfield

London’s Offerings for the Little Ones this Summer

Summer for parents all around the world, not just in London, is one of those spaces of time where all of their considerable skills in patience, cheffing, chauffeuring, and a professional standard of hide and seek capabilities is demanded of them.

The children are coming and parents, defending their home from devastation like Walter Wallace, have to be a source of all forms of entertainment for all of six semi-dreaded weeks. But don’t fret. London has an expanse of offerings available to keep them occupied from the educationally wonderful to outstandingly childish activities that provoke a little jealousy from the adults despite their best efforts to hide it.

We warn you, at first you will be met with moans and groans of rejection, but once they are there, kids tend to be starstruck into silence by the marvel that is the Science Museum. With it being the summer, they’ve lined up heaps of shows and exhibitions to gawk at. Best two that we can suggest is the ‘Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery’, the most interactive exhibit we’ve ever seen and the ‘Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles’ show because…. bubbles.

A hot favourite among kids and parents alike, more out of jealously from the latter, is the massive scale fun of Kidzania in Westfield. This giant indoor city allows kids to adult up in their dream job and tackle fires (safe little fires…at a distance) run around as a paramedic, go to aviation school, try their hands at banking or making chocolate, smoothies and chocolate smoothies as well as an obscene amount more activities to keep them busy.

The Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery in the Science Museum

The Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum - Picture Credits: Evening Standard

Missing pool life? Get the kids down to one of the many public pools dotted throughout the capital and as most of them stay open till pretty late in the evening they can be the perfect choice for the family after a sweltering day in the city.

Finally, more often than not, it’s the simplest thing that keeps the kids in good spirits. A playground will always be a winner for those days where an expanse of green just isn’t enough and our playground of choice for the summer and all year round is the Battersea Park Adventure playground. This hallmark of South London family life has brought families and kids together for generations and has always been updated constantly to suit the high octane needs of our children.

London’s summer has been a roaster so far and hopefully, it’ll hang on until the dreaded back to school routine has to kick back in, but before then it’s time to get involved in al the fun that our amazing city has to offer.

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