Our five favourite rooms from Holiday House London 2017

Holiday House London 2017 Designs by CW Designs, Laura Hammett Interior Design and Sophie Paterson Interior Design

Our five favourite rooms from Holiday House London 2017

As we mentioned in our last blog post, the Holiday House has been, and still is an incredible event that everyone must take the time to go visit for the inspiring breadth of design spaces, and of course to help support the incredible Breast Cancer Research UK charity. There’s still time to go, so be sure to go see all the wonders stuffed into those two Maida Vale mansions.

For this week, we have chosen to have a moment to reflect upon our very own visit by pointing out five of our favourite spaces created especially for the event.

Something that is forgotten about with charity show houses is that all of the stunning furniture and mesmerising artwork are all sourced for free or lent by those at the forefront of their fields. Having spoken with just some of the designers charged with the task of presenting these rooms, it was no easy feat but the resulting scenes illustrate their infinite worth.

Kicking off our list is the stunning bedroom constructed by our old friends at Laura Hammett Interiors ‘Aegean Luxury Retreat’. The infamous husband and wife duo have struck gold with this beautifully serene bedroom made up of calming greys and whites that transport you away from London’s grey skies and to what, in our minds, would have to be beachfront. The uncomplicated space includes just the right amount of intricate pieces to give it that sense of inviting calm to melt into. Our highlights are the Thomson Shultz drapery and the large candle lamps that fit perfectly with the room.

The next entry on our list is the amazing creation from CW Design ‘The Think Tank’ which something truly unique with the most widely sourced additions from any of the entrants on this list. Spanning continents and styles, each more bespoke than the last and all with amazing stories behind them, as we heard from the lady herself. Mrs Catherine Weinstock was inside the space she created when we went on a wander through the show house and very politely talked us through the stories behind all of the pieces and it was fascinating to hear about all of the artwork and the tale behind the corrugated metal cabinets lent to her by BD Barcelona who is well known for their forward-thinking designs. Highlights of the room have to be the cabinet, the beautiful wooden table infused with coils of steel on top and the beautifully intricate lighting fixture, assembled patiently by hand.

With this entry, we had to be a little biased as we helped them in their construction. Turner Pocock’s ‘Inviting Guest Room’ boast stunning wallpaper, wall-length wardrobe space with, probably never before seen bedside lamps and, of course, our shutters occupying that massive window frame acting as great space savers that allows additions such as that vibrant yellow rocking chair. A triumph of a room that shows off Turner Pocock’s immeasurable talent as interior designers.

Holiday House London 2017 Designs by Turner Pocock and Rachel Laxer Interiors

Photos: Holiday House London 2017 Designs by Turner Pocock and Rachel Laxer Interiors

We’re moving into the most open-plan space we found out of the two houses now with Sophie Paterson’s offering ‘The Garden Oasis’. A kitchen that extends into a living room, perfect for balancing family life in the most popular area of the house. The saying goes that all the best parties end up in the kitchen. We’re fairly sure that the party would start here too. Sophie Paterson said that they wanted to create a space that incorporates family life as much as possible. With the flow from the kitchen to a dining table and onto a living room with a monumental living room, they adapted very well to the philosophy. Something we adore with this room is the wisteria wall covering by De Gourney which beautiful against the pieces of furniture throughout the room immersing the occupants in non-negotiable calm.

The final room we’re going to be highlighting from the event is the stunning dining room that is entirely unavoidable as you set foot inside the house to your right. With a matte grey finish, 'A Modern Cafe Society' feels like the perfect backdrop for a dinner party. Rachel Laxer has, as always incorporated her professional mix of fun, experience and ability to understand a client which has come to a stunning conclusion with this room. We have to say that the highlight of the room has to be that chandelier produced by Lasvit who are world-renowned for their incredible and varied designs of lighting fixtures. The skulls and bones give the room that bit of edge to make it unforgettable.

And there you have it. The move for this amazing event from the United States to the United Kingdom has been a resounding success with national recognition for its variety in style and tastes but as a unite it has captured the minds of many and shown off the incredible levels of talent that we have here on our little island. We were very honoured to be included in the creation of Turner Pocock’s room, something we took a huge amount of pride in seeing when we spent an afternoon wandering through the houses.

We can’t wait to hear the final amount that this event has raised over the month-long period that it has been open to the public. With just over a week to go, there’s still plenty of time to get involved in the event and donate money to an amazing cause and pick up some inspiration for your own home as a result.

Have you been yet? Or are you about? Let us know your favourites of the houses in the comment section below. All of the specification for each of the rooms can be found inside each of them. And as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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