Our Three Favourite Houzz Stories This Month

Designs by Wickenden Hutley, Naked Kitchens and BTL Property

Our Three Favourite Houzz Stories This Month

A huge part of going about a redesign is actually taking the time to go and do the research. That coupled with getting your imagination into shape and allowing yourself to conjure up the final project in your mind.

It’s especially difficult for those with little time or know-how, that’s why we organise appointments between yourselves and our surveyors so they can have a look at your windows and give you an idea of what to do.

It’s also an amazing part of the Houzz experience. There are thousands and thousands of articles written about real-life examples of interior design and architecture brilliance.  All the articles that are published in the Houzz Stories section of the website are written by either; interior designers or highly experienced journalists in the field, so you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together our list of 3 of our favourite stories written up this month by these incredibly talented people about an assortment of topics that will resonate with everyone.

1. Lucy Searle - Kitchen Tour: A Contemporary Shaker Kitchen for a Family Home

Starting off our list we have Lucy Searle, a powerhouse of interior design journalism who boasts work across a series of the most popular interior and exterior design magazines in recent times such as House & Garden and Good Homes.

Our pick of her articles posted on the Houzz Stories page this month has to be kitchen tour of this stunning family kitchen in Norfolk. Packed with a warm balance of blue, grey with varnished wood finishes. It’s a stunning space that makes the most of the natural light spilling in from the garden. Lucy gives you a detailed tour of the kitchen, explaining how it was put together by the wonderful Jayne Everett out of Naked Kitchens. The entire article calmly takes you through the construction of this gorgeous open space, it’s well worth a read and you should look at the rest of her work for inspiration across all tastes.

Kitchen Design by Naked Kitchens

Photo by: Naked Kitchens

2. Lara Sargent - Houzz Tour: A One-bed Flat is Transformed into a Two-bed Home

Next on our list is Lara Sargent, a member of the Houzz squad with a wealth of experience to dish about and she certainly does as she takes you though a one bed flat conversion that ended up with enough space for two.

This story moves us to London and the stunning west London area of Earls Court and a Victorian mansion block that certainly doesn’t look like it came out of that era anymore. Jess Lavers Design making an enormous amount of change and allowing it all to shine brightly with warm light greys bouncing off of brilliant whites and the odd splash of hot pink for good measure.

This a great piece to read if you’re struggling with space in your flat, as it helps you understand how to fit furniture around space without having to knock down any walls. Showing that there’s plenty of space for a dining table to fit comfortably in with the kitchen and living room if the right choices are made. A very clever interior design project that will prove to inspire many who have the same struggle with space as the owner of this flat used to have.

Interior Design by Jess Lavers Design

Photos by: James Balston Photography of Jess Lavers Design Project.

3. Katie Levell - Common Bedroom Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

And lastly is another in-house Houzz writer, Katie Levell who’s offered up her extraordinary amount of interior design knowledge to help you battle against needless design mistakes that happen when it comes to the bedroom. Read very closely.

Much like Lara Sargent’s article, Katie’s ten tips are focused on more of an understanding of a point of view and how you can tweak it to make the most of what you have along with some tips that you should take into account if you’re planning on a total renovation as well.

Offering up examples of issues and how the bedrooms have been fixed, gives the article a very approachable feeling that shows you that if issues happen then it isn’t the end of the world. Just like in the picture below showing off the work by BTL Property. Shutters were the simplest choice to make for an unassuming window covering choice that worked perfectly with the décor of the room.

On top of this, each of the pictures featured in the article offer up a company where you can source the pieces that help resolve the issue or even the interior design company behind it. But more than anything, they clarify the process for you which makes it all less daunting.

Photos via: BTL Property

Photos via: BTL Property

And there you have it, three of our favourite Houzz Stories that came out this month. Be sure to check in with us for more of the brightest and best in the world of interior design. Or you can look back through our previous lists.

Let us know what you thought of this month by leaving a comment below. And as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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