Our Top 10 Instagrams to follow in September.

Karen Haller and Louise Holt Instagram Photos

Our Top 10 Instagrams to follow in September.

Like clockwork, we’re back with another set of ten Instagram accounts you have to be following for all your interior design inspiration needs. We go through the entirety of Instagram to find the biggest, brightest and best accounts to see. Whether they are constructed with loving care by property developers or show off an orchestra of colour at the hands of a much-loved blogger.

Tania Azadian Interiors

Starting off our list are the London based interior designers who show off their detail orientated work with examples of their love for pattern and cross-sections of materials that they take into consideration with every project. Their feed constantly showing their attention to current trends and how these trends could be incorporated into their projects. One picture that we love is of the neon art installation in one of their latest projects.

Gina Everett at Create Perfect

Gina Everett is the lead designer at this squad of a company who operate in Berkshire and London. She’s been a powerhouse of the design world since she started the company last year and never slows down with constant appearances at high brow events. It's no surprise since she’s worked alongside the biggest names in homecare design in the UK. What we can see from her feed is a testament to her claim that they cater to the needs of and desires of whoever requires their services. Our favourite post shows off their work in the Cotswolds with a full kitchen refurbishment that even the proudest of city dwellers would be jealous of.

CorePro LTD

Now we have a reputable name from the property management and development world. CorePro LTD operates all over the high end of the London market with stunning projects throughout luxurious areas of London such as Kensington and Chelsea. Yet they do operate throughout all of London, we know this as we see them zipping through South London on a daily basis, off to their next very lucky client. We love the professional nature of the pictures in their feed as it highlights their attention to detail that, in turn, highlights the exceptional quality of their work. Favourites have to be the pictures of their work in an apartment, not far from us, in Clapham Junction.

French for Pineapple

Next on our list of inspiring Instagrammers is the interior design blogger, Bianca Hall, who is in charge of French for Pineapple. A lover of colour that influences her as well as those who follow her and read up on all of her articles. What we love about this feed is the variance in nature of the colours on display and the rooms they occupy. Whether a calming navy Blue in a bedroom or a loud and proud pink in the living room. All of her feed is exceptional and we love it all the more for her vibrant explanations for loving everything she posts.

Top 10 Instagrams of August

Photos via: LDB Construction UK and Create Perfect Instagram


LDB Construction

This luxury residential building and refurbishment company really show off the broad strokes that go into their work as well as how they work as an exceptional team together. Their feed is great for inspiration in home design with their work in many of the most awe-inspiring homes and apartments across London. As well as telling the story of how they come together as a company with their charity efforts and insights into the work they all do behind the scenes. We love their garden design in a South London home. The completely transformed space was in no doubt in high use this summer.

Blakeney Interiors

These interior designers based in London are proud to show off their broad cross-section of influences that add up to their stunning final products for their clients. Their feed incorporates current trends in pattern work and piece design from lighting to intricate surfaces as well as traditional, timeless pieces of design that they make a part of London’s most modern homes and apartments, as well as the houses that have stood for centuries. With their additions bringing the two together.

Karen Haller

For the first time ever, in our list, we have a psychologist as a part of our top ten. Karen Haller is at the top of her field as a colour psychologist and avid blogger with her Instagram account acting as an inviting explosion of colour. She’s the perfect person to follow if you’re struggling to grasp the perfect colour to choose for any occasion. Whether that’s for a kitchen repaint or an update for your winter wardrobe. This makes her an absolute must add for seasoned or budding interior designers getting through their studies. We love every single post for its vibrancy in tone and in its form.

Top 10 Instagrams of August

Photos via: CorePro LTD and Helene Arentz Interior Design Instagram


Louise Holt Interior Design

These interior designers who operate around London, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds really show their precision when it comes to assembling their materials and on-trend designs regarding minute pieces that are a part of their projects. A marked preference of theirs is to infuse modern furniture within traditional spaces that complement each other rather than contradict each other. A favourite of ours is of a large brass sculpture being constructed for a client of theirs.

Art de Vivre Studio

This designer, based out of London, as well as Cannes, is a great account to follow because her feed acts as a kind of live feed into what inspires her in her work. In this case, most of her inspiration comes from the art world. The posts she uploads span across her love of art, interiors, fashion and parts of her own adventures around Europe. This sort of feed really does make this account an influential one for established artists, designers, and bloggers as well as those who aspire to become them. We love how she doesn’t conform to one form of art as a love of hers, illustrating a level of openness to a variety of opinions.

Helene Arentz Interior Design

And last but certainly not least we have this London based interior designer and blogger who has a feed heavily bound by her love of design and adventure that really tells a story of how her adventures influence her work with her clients. Her feed shows off a series of photos of the same event or wherever she may be and as such translates what she sees and feels to those who follow her posts. For instance, we love the several pictures highlighting her recent trip to Norway where she stayed in a beautiful remote cabin.

And there you have it, another set of the best that the world of Instagram has to offer for inspiration right now. Be sure to check in with us next month for another list of the brightest and best in the world of interior design. Or you can look back through our previous lists of inspirational accounts to follow.

Let us know what you thought of this month by leaving a comment below. And as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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