Our visit to the Ideal Home Show 2018

Ideal Home Show 2018

Our visit to the Ideal Home Show 2018

The Ideal Home Show has been a staple part of our Plantation Shutters calendar for years now and we spent the entirety of the month itching with excitement to see how the event would turn out. With seven areas spread out throughout the massive Kensington Olympia and hundreds of celebrity talks and demonstrations dotted throughout the three-week extravaganza, there’s always something for every home lover.

As always there were a series of stunning show homes constructed in the centre of the arena. Created by tag team efforts from some of the biggest and best names from the worlds of interior design and architecture, ready to be enjoyed by the public. These houses always act a form of direct response to the calls for what trends will be making big names for themselves in interior design for the year ahead.

The same can be said for the individually designed show rooms spread out throughout the venue that each had their own spin on the trends set. As we’ve seen throughout the media over the past year or so, technology has been making itself an integral part of people’s homes with the Amazon Alexa and all the components that make up a ‘smart’ kitchen, something we saw this all over the show. Though many wanted to stay a little more on the traditional side of their designs, there was no doubt that the new toys have certainly made an impression.

Kitchen room set at the Ideal Home Show 2018 by Good Homes Magazine

The show homes this year focussed on a variety of locations and with that they varied immensely in style and purpose. The titled ‘Innovation Home’ is a not-so-typical Victorian home, reimagined for the modern family and with a bold statement to go with it. This bold statement comes in the form of the kitchen continuing into the living room, stretching from the back of the house and hovering over the back garden held up by fortified stilts. It’s really a stunning sight. The interior of the home was designed by the lovely Sophie Robinson who’s made regular appearances on the BBC and we recently chatted about her night hosting the Amara IBA’s. Having met all the bloggers at that event and combining them with her considerable experience has certainly had a heavy effect on her design choices inside this home with no single room being the same as the last. 100% worth the queue.

The last show house we took a look at, and you certainly should too while the show lasts, is the ‘Liv-In’ Beach Hut. This collaboration by Hudson Architects and MFA Property is an engorged version of exactly what it sounds like.  Much like Sophie Robinson’s creation, this house isn’t traditionally structured, again with a living room that juts out. The two companies have done very well to reimagine one of Britain’s most iconic images, the beach hut. You see them stretching out far on most of our beaches and you can tell that this is an aim for the duo with strong pushes from them regarding affordability and the amount of time it takes to construct each home. The interior design is basic but fun, and as a break from the norm, is that so bad?

Finally, to one side of these two homes are the latest additions to the show home section of the show, home pods. These two very compact structures are designed to be an extra room for any property with the ground space for it. Their design however, has been constructed with a view for two different purposes. The first that we came across was the Quadrant Contemporary Workspace designed by the 2 Lovely Gays Studio (2LG) who brought their A game, as per usual with this one. The project itself is designed to be a breakaway den for concentration that works as a separate-home-office or a secluded meeting room outside the office, complete with a small kitchen and a work desk with tools of the design trade.

Bathroom room set designed by Victoria Plum and the Woodland Guest Room design by Black Parrots Studio

The second pod is a stunning sleeping den with a serene off-the-grid feel to it with it’s emphasis on forestry as a theme. This pod was the design by the duo behind the Brighton-based Black Parrots Studio, Sarah Mitchenall and AlexaDe Castilho. The playful wall prints, and the bright colour themes add a layer of warmth to the room which something any host would want for their guests in their home. They’ve done an amazing job.

Naturally, after we’d wandered through all these stunning homes, we had an adventure around the rest of the event seeing what the Food and Drink festival had on offer. We were not disappointed. Sadly, we couldn’t stay forever so sought out the room sets at the event.

We’ve gone to this area of the show year in year out, because it’s a direct representation of where the predicted trends of 2018 are going according to some people that know a thing or two about interiors. Good Homes Magazine put on a set of stunning room sets right at the main entrance of the show and there was no other spot they could be really. Each one very different from the last, but all just as admirable as each other for their boldness and accuracy in projecting the trends we’ve all been delving into this year. With that being said, the publishing giant, has made great efforts to find a compromise between the outlandish nature of the trends set (maybe something we could use a bit of) and themes based in tradition. You can see this from the hints of the brass industrialist look of the dining room and the immense pattern work that comes straight out of one of Camille Walala’s notebooks with that bright media room. Either way, we loved all of it.

A bathroom set room designed by Victoria Plum

As well as Good Homes magazine, Victoria Plum had a run at creating some beautiful room sets with three of their bathrooms on display. Just like Good Homes Magazine they went for varied themes in their work from regal simplicity to a monochrome industrial look. They each looked incredible and had something for everyone.

We had an incredible day out, gawking at the works of the biggest and best in the home décor scene and met some incredible newcomers to the game. We’re sure to be seeing more and more of them as the year goes on.

Did you head down to the show? What was your favourite part of the show? As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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