Out With The Old, In With The New!

Out With The Old, In With The New!

It is time for something fresh and vibrant. The New Year has been and gone, Valentines Day roses are starting to wilt, Christmas sales have been and gone. Failed attempts at Dry Jan and mantras of ‘New Year, New me’ have happily been put to the back of our minds until next year.

Here at Plantation Shutters, we are looking forward to Spring. The days are getting longer and for many of us we are experiencing the first time in months where you leave work during daylight.

With Springtime comes certain anticipation. Plants start to grow again, fluffy chicks and rabbits don shops windows. For those who are so inclined, giving things up for Lent becomes a real chore, and fantasising about chocolate becomes an almost daily occurrence. So why not do as Spring time does and bring some colour back into your life?

Longer daylight hours and a bit of sun put most people in a better mood so why not continue this mood enhancement by adding something even more positive, long term and beautiful. It has been proven that bright colours can release mood-enhancing endorphins so why not get a set of shutters installed to help encourage positive thinking (not a natural progression sure… but stick with me).

Add a touch of vibrancy to put a ‘spring’ back into your step with something that adds a touch of colour. Not only will they look great thanks to the expert hands of our master measurers and fitters, shutters work brilliantly for keeping heat in and the prying eyes of your neighbours out.

Colour trends are constantly changing but there is a definite shift towards using a pop of bright colour in the design, fashion and home industries. A fresh injection of colour into a muted pallet can really set your room alight (not literally).

We can colour match with the colour of your choice so whether you are a pink, green or blue person we can help. That combined with our wide range of styles and individualised features I am sure we can find the right shutter for you to help enhance your room, enhance your mood and generally make you a better person*.

*This is not a guarantee.

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Nicola, a customer in Esher via Google

Great customer service from start to finish.

Ian, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters. Surveyor very knowledgeable and fitters did a great job. All round customer service excellent.

Amy, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters & fitted to perfection. Slight delay because of COVID-19, but communication and service was great throughout.