In the third and final part of our ‘Overheating and your home’ series, we explore the effectiveness of Awnings for a great look and effect for your outdoor spaces, as well as offering cooling possibilities for your interiors.

When looking to keep outdoor areas cool without high energy costs, the addition of an awning is the perfect choice for your home. The resulting shade and shelter from direct sunlight typically offers 95% UV blockage, delivering a cooling effect to the indoor room adjacent to where the awning is positioned, benefitting both interiors and exteriors.

Solar rays can increase temperatures in a home by up to 20% and so having any window coverage, interior or exterior, can have a significant impact on reducing these temperatures. Studies have shown that utilising a retractable awning can reduce solar heat by up to 77% so this simple installation can drastically reduce dependency on air conditioning units or fans, reducing both energy costs and carbon footprints. If you still feel the need to utilise these energy dependent units, your awning will work in conjunction with them by refracting the cool air back through rather than instantly being lost outdoors.

Awnings can be custom made in a number of colour and material choices so no matter what design style would best suit your exteriors, be it matching an existing colour scheme or bringing a bold injection of colour to the space, there will always be an ideal choice on offer. If cooling a space is the pivotal reason for adding an awning to your home, then bright colour choices should be considered as these are the most effective choice in their reflective qualities, bouncing rays away from the space as well as creating shade and shelter.

The much-needed summer shading that awnings offer give you the freedom to utilise your outdoor space more often in any way you prefer, whether it is sitting and enjoying eating outside or relaxing in the area on hot and sunny days whilst keeping protected from UV and solar radiation.

Retractable awnings also offer some protections against rain showers making outdoor areas more useable throughout the year with smart wind sensors able to activate an automatic retraction if gusts become too high. The optional extra of heaters and lighting can also help to transform the area underneath your awning into a luxurious outdoor space that can be enjoyed right through into the evening.


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