Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

Plantation Shutters Shutters and Blinds

Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

There’re so many options out there for window dressings and the decision can be difficult to know what would best suit your home and style, Blinds or Shutters? Aren’t they the same thing? We’re here to offer you some clarification on the subject and make the decision between the two easier.

Both shutters and blinds have louvres, so you control the light, privacy and air coming into your room but it’s all comes down to the material and the way they are made. Shutters are a made to measure product that is fitted to the inside or outside of the window recess, hugging the window seamlessly while still having the freedom to open and close the panels as you wish, whereas blinds don’t give your that sort of freedom. Blinds can also be fitted to the inside or outside of the window recess but are lifted up and down by using a string that can quite easily break or get tangled.

With blinds, individual slats are held together with string. As mentioned above, to alter the height of the blinds, a separate, yet attached string is pulled. Shutters can swing in and out to close and open. Most windows will be covered by two panels that are opened by pulling them open independently, one from each side. In some ways, this is similar to opening double doors. There are many ways that plantation shutters can be configured and these will be designed by our expert surveyors to suit your needs, for example, if you have a wardrobe on one side of your window, we can design the panels to open on the other side of the window to avoid obstructing the wardrobe.

Plantation shutters & blinds

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters & blinds


Another difference is that Shutters are more durable than Blinds. Shutters are made from a wide range of strong wooden materials and are built to last, while blinds are usually made of faux wood, plaswood (plastic and wood) or fabric. This makes Blinds not last as long and, they also don’t protect your carpet and furniture from fading after long exposure to the harsh UV rays, whereas Shutters do. Shutters are also very low maintenance when it comes to cleaning as opposed to blinds.

Shutters may cost more than blinds, but you defiantly get what you pay for. So, if it's quality you are after shutters are for you. If you are also thinking of selling your home in the future shutters are an investment as well as being aesthetically pleasing as they add value to your home. There are plenty of benefits to shutters and we could go on for days about how great they are but in the end, the decision is yours, and we are here to help you make that decision. Browse our many options or styles in our shutter gallery, or call us on 020 8871 9222 or email one of a friendly team today.

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Recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend Plantation Shutters to anyone else who is looking to get shutters installed. Super helpful service from the whole team at Plantation Shutters. From initially measuring up while I was abroad with work, to adjusting my order when I had changed my mind and the top-quality installation. Most importantly, the customer service and transparency has been great. I placed this order on 4th Feb (just as COVID-19 was spreading to Europe). The team were in regular contact throughout and still delivered on time - even a global pandemic could not derail them! Impressive stuff! Thanks again!!

James, a customer from London via Google