Plantation Shutters in Paris?

Plantation Shutters in Paris?

One of the most popular and iconic landmarks in Europe is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. During a recent visit to an interior design-type show in Paris, I sneaked out of the exhibition hall and went on a wander. I had truly forgotten how beautiful the city was and just how many of the buildings date back to the 1700s and unlike many cities in Europe, they were not subjected to massive bombings during various wars, no matter what anyone says about the French, I think they are a class act.

There is something (a certain je'n sais quoi!) about sitting on a Parisian street corner watching the world go by that is somehow just not the same as in England. The steak and fries seem superior and even the house plonk a little more refined. Although you may dislike the arrogance, you can understand why most shops shut at noon and don't open again for at least another two hours - how dare they shut when it's 11:45 am and I want to buy something! How jolly uncommercial! What terrible customer service.....

But you have to respect them, they are probably going to have a lovely lunch with their family or cook for their grandmother or even just chill for a while, as opposed to stuffing a BLT down our necks in two minutes flat and taking the next phone call.

Why shutters in England? Why not sell shutters in Paris? Firstly, I love England and all it has to offer; the culture, the people, the cosmopolitan nature of London, the restaurants and even, dare I say it, the weather. So even if I didn't like all these truly wonderful items, could I shutter the Eiffel Tower, the Musée du Louvre, Notre Dame cathedral or even the house of café owner Jean-Claude? The answer is: Probably not.

Parisian houses


The French design and architecture are different, which is why in my eyes shutters have not taken off in Europe. The windows in most European countries usually open inwards, moreover the position of the window is placed on the inside of a recess and they have big handles - all impede on fitting internal shutters. Whereas in England, most of the windows open outwards and the position of the window is on the outside of the recess - perfect for plantation shutters!

Anyone could spend thousands of pounds on research trying to develop a market which due to practical reasons is unlikely to ever exist. Until the designers and architects change their design around Europe I will stay firmly positioned in the UK, Plantation Shutters started the shutters market in England and we are here to stay.

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