Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion

How often do you see on a packet of cornflakes or on a beautiful cake box the words in tiny writing "this is a serving suggestion?"

This suggests that, contained within that box of cornflakes, you will pour out a plate with a paisley logo on, some beautiful flowers, a spoon and some really white milk (milk is never as white as that when I pour it!)

Yes, Mr Cornflakes is making sure that he doesn’t get a call for false representation of the goods inside the box and, although I am not aware of it happening, I am sure over the last 50 years someone has called him up asking where the milk and the spoon are!

Then, of course, there is the other extreme, normally kids’ toys, whereby the box has got more gizmos than the Starship Enterprise. You think when you open the box that you will have a whole battle or adventure scene and all you get is a plastic plane, usually with no batteries, which shoots about half a metre and is all a bit of a disappointment.

What has all this got to do with shutters? Having just spent days, weeks, months redeveloping our new web site, we can appreciate that pictures play a really important part in people’s perception of you as a company and the product as a whole. So much time and effort are spent trying to show the intricate qualities of our product, yet often very little time is spent looking at these by a web browser. One often can’t be bothered to look closely at these details, our lives are far too busy and so the little time we have is spent on learning the price and seeing the look.

So what all we shutter companies end up doing is showing pretty pictures of installations that we have done over the last 5 years, or in our case the past 15 years. Quite honestly, the products from each company look similar in a photo to the untrained eye, especially when you might have a happy couple sitting on a sofa with their kids in front of said shutters/window, which by the way you don’t get thrown in when you buy the shutters!

What I am trying to say is that insight into a picture is easy enough to get, but what you really should be looking at are the true qualities of the product and the company surrounding that product. Delve into our site, look at our History, look at the experience levels of the team, look at the finer details of the product and don’t be taken in by sites who adopt smoke and mirror techniques in displaying their products or be taken in by a friendly grin!

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Excellent product, excellent service, great fitter.

Mr Vernon, Customer in Southampton