Shutter out the Ghosts and Goblins this Halloween!

Shutter out the Ghosts and Goblins this Halloween!

It’s that frightening time of year again when all the Ghosts and Goblins come out to play. With scary movie marathons and different characters lurking the shadows, it’s no wonder there’s a twinge of anxiety in the air. But there’s no need to be afraid this year because we have the best option to keep all the monsters out and keep your little ones safe this Halloween. With our sturdy shutters, you will be able to protect your home so Johnny won’t be able to axe his way through your shutters!

HERE’S JOHNNY . . . . .

Something that is always important to any family is safety and shutters are the ultimate safety net. There are countless options for keeping those pesky creatures like Chucky away while also keeping you safe. Aluminium Security Shutters offer a stylish and aesthetically pleasing window treatment without compromising on security. This hardwearing, strong material is perfect for protecting your home keeping Freddy Krueger away from your dreams, and protect you from any other monsters creeping into your homes this Hallow night.

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Along with the room being safe, shutters also provide extra warmth during these chilly autumnal months. Did you know that shutters can keep up to 40% of heat in your home compared to other window fittings? By protecting your home with shutters, Mr Freeze won’t be able to blast his way into your home. And what’s better than feeling safe and warm in your own home? An added feature to feeling safe and warm is with light control. There’ll be no Bogeyman jumping out from the shadows or anything going bump in the night with our shutters. Shut out the bright full moon and hide away from Ghostface. Our plantation shutters can also come in a range of different colour options and stains. By adding coloured shutters to your precious little one’s room, it will make the room feel light and safe because with the absentness of dark shadows, Pennywise will stay away and you all can rest easy at night. (Much needed peace for Mums and Dads!!)

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Do you have interesting windows? Perhaps your castle or your dungeon requires special shapes? Fear not, the Plantation Wizards and Witches are here to help, our shutters can be custom made to fit any shape. We can accommodate to any arched, circular or angled windows beautifully, so no hidden access will be left exposed to those Zombies lurking outside. . .

Here at Plantation Shutters, we have a full in-house team of Wizards and Witches, ready to assist in your Halloween dream. We are the best at saving you from any scary creature lurking in your precious space whilst adding to your interior style. Get in touch today! Don’t be a Scaredy-Cat! Browse our many options or styles in our shutter gallery, call us on 020 8871 9222 or email today.

‘When black cats prowl and pumpkin gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!’

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