In the current climate of sky rocketing costs that are making every household’s bills climb, many discerning homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on prices and make savings across the board. If aiming to cut down on costs, then look no further than your window dressing to help make significant savings on your bills every month as additional coverage can help to give an additional layer to the window area.

When windows are working at their peak performance level, enhanced by shutters, the requirement for heating in the home is reduced in cold spells and saves hugely on household bills.

Detailed studies conducted by the BBSA concluded that shutters are the most effective window dressing for heat control. Shutters can reduce heat loss in a room by up to 64% depending on the style of window dressing that is selected, the material of that dressing and how closely it is installed the window area.

Click to download PDF – Shutters can reduce heat loss in the home by up to 64%!

Improving the U-value of a home helps to keep costs low because the more energy efficient a space is, the cheaper it is to heat the space and lower as any heating can be comfortably maintained within any given room.

What is U-value?

U-value (or thermal transmittance) is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure, divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. U-Value is measured in W/m2 K and the better insulated a structure is, the lower the U-Value measurement will be resulting in lower the pricing to heat the space.

There are a long list of ways to improve the U-Value of a room but one of the most efficient and cost effective methods to do this is to ensure that the window dressing in place is the most effective that it can be whilst still offering a great look for the window that still pairs wonderfully with the decor of the room.

Why are shutters the most efficient dressing solution for windows to improve the U Value in a home?

Shutters are the most effective dressing for saving household bills because of their custom made design that mean they are manufactured to the exact size of the window as well as being made in the exact design that a client chooses as their preference to match the existing decor of the space. From shutter style, colour, slat size, and tilt mechanisms, there are so many different design choices available in shutter that it is easy to find the ideal solution that will be the best addition for the room.

Custom built shutters ensure that there are no gaps around the dressing that cause heat to escape which can be a downside of choosing the case with blinds or curtains. Shutters are also built from a sturdier material regardless of whether MDF, wooden options or even the very sturdy Aluminium Security material are chosen for the windows.

Shutters are also one of the more elite dressing choices because of their flexibility of usage. As opposed to the traditional ‘all-open’ or ‘all-closed’ operation of most window dressings, louvred shutters can be operated to varying light and privacy levels as required by simply manoeuvering the slats to different angles. The colour choice of shutters can have varying effects on the heat absorption of a window, so for the most effective combination that will keep as much heat as possible in during colder winter months as well as reflecting away solar rays in hotter summer months so the shutters benefit from the dual effect of the shutters being a fantastic addition in both warmer and colder times of year.

As a long-lasting addition to your home and windows, shutters also save money in the replacements that might have been required should an alternative window dressing have been chosen. Shutters become a substantial part of the window area if measured and installed properly by a team of absolute experts with unparalleled experience. With 40 years’ experience under their belt, the Plantation Shutters team have a wealth of knowledge on different windows in London and the surrounding areas so no matter what you are looking for from your shutters project and no matter how complex the windows are that require the shutters, Plantation Shutters will be able to assist with you with creating a wonderful transformation for your home.

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