Shutters take Centre stage

Shutters take Centre stage

Lights, camera, action! Window shutters have played a major role in cinema since the birth of the big screen. We often fall in love with the beautiful mansions, classic American plantations and modern apartments featured more than we do the lead characters. Take inspiration from some of our favourite, iconic shutter looks within film and TV and see how interior shutters can transform your home into a movie set.  

The Notebook

The Notebook; along with an empty tissue box and very puffy eyes from crying so often, provided us with something else- the dream house. A house so perfect it not only reunited Noah and Allie, but it stole the scene (and our hearts) and was heavily featured throughout the film’s storyline.

‘I want a white house with blue shutters and a room overlooking the river so I can paint.’

The blue shutters create the perfect pop of colour against the white house creating a traditional look that many of us have dreamt about living in ever since.

Photo Source: nine 


Home Farm is Emmerdale’s most exclusive property; boasting 11 bedrooms and numerous communal rooms. The farm usually houses the wealthiest characters and the ownership of the manor has been a central theme to the show’s storylines since the 1980’s.  Each family that moves into Home Farm usually decorates it in a way that reflects their personality; the Whites were a luxurious, ‘bourgeoisie’ family, Home Farm mirrored this. The family installed plantation shutters throughout their home creating a classic look yet contemporary look. The shutters are stylish and add privacy to the home of this secretive family.

Photo Source: Digital Spy 

Gone with the Wind

The Bellamy Mansion in the cult classic Gone with the Wind is the ultimate representation of typical estates in the deep south of America. The White exterior of the house contrasts the dark green shutters perfectly and creates a look you instantly associate with classic films of the 30’s.

Photo source: Cinema Style 


Elementary; a modern-day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, set in New York City primarily features ‘The Brownstone’, a 4-storey house owned by Holmes’ father. Brownstone features; a basement office, a library, media room, work room and a rooftop with views of Manhattan. Holmes is a secretive character who works best in dark spaces. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Brownstone features plantation shutters to control the light and aid the characters’ privacy. The dark-stained wood is a typical look of New York apartments.

Photo Source: AV/TV Club 

Sex and The City

Sex and The City is a great example of how shutters can be incorporated seamlessly into modern apartments. Unlike our other examples, this TV series is set in Urban Jungle New York City, rather than a classic plantation in Southern America. You can find examples of shutters in Charlotte’s elegant Upper East Side apartment, in Carrie and Mr.Big’s ‘Heaven on fifth’ and even on Carrie’s ‘honeymoon’ in Mexico.

You can find heaps more tips and tricks, news and updates of the trade throughout our blog so feel free to explore and as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today. Have a scan through our many shutters designs available and test out our online calculator to start your journey with us.

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