Sizzling Summer Recipes

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Sizzling Summer Recipes

The sun is shining and everyone’s in the mood for some light and fresh meals to enjoy. Plantation Shutters have you covered as we’ve found some tasty recipes and the kit you might need to make them. 

To Start...

Watermelon and feta salad

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Jamie Oliver keeps it fresh and easy with this watermelon and feta salad - tantalising on the taste buds and quick to throw together for a show stopping starter or a light lunch in the sunshine.

Want to take it the extra mile? Step up the presentation by balling your melon and serving from this stunning salad bowl which will certainly fetch some compliments from guests!

Link to recipe:


Chicken skewers with satay sauce and Asian slaw


Add a touch of Asia to your table with either a shared starter on an addition to a BBQ spread by pairing some Chicken Skewers with these Satay Sauce and Asian Coleslaw recipes. With the option to oven cook, fry, griddle or BBQ grill your skewers, anyone can make this easy choice at home and we bet it will be a crowd pleaser. A combined spiraliser, grater, zester and slicer will cut down the preparation time of your Asian slaw or other summer salad dishes.

Satay Sauce by BBC Good Food: 
Asian Colwslaw by Just One Cook Book:

...Moving on to the mains...

Lemon and Garlic Chicken with Potatoes and Courgettes

Image Source:


Joe Wicks has certainly been a household name on the lead up to summer inspiring the nation with his P.E with Joe workouts, encouraging all to stay healthy during lockdown. Mr Wicks has an impressive array of recipes to try in numerous books which are all part of his Body Coach transformation and healthy eating programmes. This lemon and garlic chicken with potatoes and courgettes is a perfect summer dish combining our favourite flavours to enjoy in the sun with the ease of cooking together in one tray. The best part? This lean recipe has been shared for free on The Body Coach Blog for us all to try at home.



Missing a good looking oven dish to cook and serve at your dinner parties? John Lewis may just have you covered.


Lemon Primavera Bowties

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Sticking with the tastes of summer, this pasta recipe from is colourful in both appearance and flavour. Add peas, onions, parsley, tomatoes, pepper and lemons to the Primavera Bowtie pasta with a sprinkling of cheese for Italian summer in a bowl - ideal for daytime and evening meals or a BBQ side.  

Lemon Primavera Bowties


...Now for Something Sweet...

Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake


Strawberries and cream are the perfect British summer combo and anyone with a sweet tooth will be desperately searching for that sugar hit at summer evening soirees! Olive Magazine have you covered with this irresistible Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake recipe hitting the spot for everyone from ‘just a little sliver’ to those returning for seconds… and thirds. Dust off your drop baking tin and get baking!

Strawberries and cream cheesecake:


Rubarb, Lime and Ginger Custard Tart

Image Source:


If you’re looking for something even more indulgent then you might like to try this deep fluted pan Rubarb, Lime and Ginger Custard Tart. You can serve up this Delicious Magazine recipe for something hearty and homely and, with the zing of the Rubarb, Lime and Ginger, it will still sing out in summer flavour!  Our tummies are rumbling….

Rubarb lime and ginger custard tart -


...Refreshing extras

Make sure you have this cool recipe ready in the freezer when temperatures begin to soar:

Gin and tonic Ice Lollies


One for the grownups. Combine your afternoon tipple with a refreshing treat by making this Gin and Tonic Ice Lolly recipe by BBC Good Food. If you need something for the kids too you can always go half and half in the Ice Lolly holder adding orange juice or other fruit juice options too, just be careful not to mix them up!  




**Top Tip**

Add fruit or kitchen herbs to your ice cubes before freezing to add something extra to your drinks. You can even add a splash of cordial for further flavour… elderflower ice cubes - yes please! Other drink cooling ideas include freezing grapes to add to wine or investing in some drinks stones to freeze and add so not to water drinks down.


When cooking up a storm in the kitchen you can control light, temperature and privacy using your Kitchen Shutters which are available in a range of styles and materials to suit you and your home. Get your quote today!


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